There are no secrets. The more travelers you have on your guruwalk, the more money you get. Do you have small groups? Do you want to increase them quickly? Then don’t miss the 20+ tips we have. The most important ones are placed in a box.

Guide of GuruWalk explaining something to travelers and where we can read a message inviting travelers to join his tour on his back.

There are 2 main ways to get more travelers on your guruwalk: online and offline.

Online should be understood as all the techniques you can use without leaving home, just with your computer and internet access. Offline means all the approaches you can’t do with a computer.

To convince other people to talk/write about your guruwalk, you can always invite them to join your guruwalk for free. This way, you’ll make sure they know the quality of the service you offer, so they can recommend your guruwalk better.


In this category, you should consider the page of your tour on GuruWalk as if it was your own website that you want to promote.

On GuruWalk

1. A complete profile. Look closely at your profile and the description of your guruwalk. Do you find it very convincing? Ask your friends what they think of it. Do you explain who you are and why you are the best person to do this tour (diploma, work, experience, awards, published books, association’s membership, talks given,…)? Does the description of your tour sell well? Did you write everything you are going to explain during the guruwalk, the duration etc?

If you want more information on how to improve your profile, click here to have more information. If you’re interested in having a better description of your tour, check out this post.

2. The best pictures. How are the pictures of your tour? Do they have a good quality? Are there personalized pictures with happy groups of travelers? You can find here an article with more details.

Group of travelers jumping in the air during a free walking tour in Madrid, Spain.

3. A good title. A good title can make a difference. Does the title of your guruwalk sell and explain well what your tour is about? Here is a full post on this topic.

4. The importance of ratings. You still don’t have reviews on your guruwalk, or do you have just a few? That impacts a lot on the credibility of your guruwalk. Invite your friends to participate in your tour and to leave a review later. They will also give you constructive feedback to improve your experience. Don’t miss this article to know all the secrets to get only 5-stars reviews!

3 positive reviews on a tour of GuruWalk.
5. Choose the best schedules. To have more bookings, it’s better to set schedules when more people are traveling, which is from Thursday to Sunday. Regarding the starting time, the best time in the morning is 10:30 am and in the afternoon 4:00 pm.

6. Create a second tour. You can put the link of one of your tours in the description of the other, and the one of the second tour in the description of the first one, inviting walkers to book both. Moreover, during the tour, you can mention your other guruwalk. This way you will have more bookings and earn more.

7. Make a trailer of the tour. In the description of your guruwalk, you can link to YouTube videos. Therefore, we recommend creating a short video, like a movie, to make the traveler more eager to book the tour. Here is an example in Málaga, Spain.

Let others talk about your guruwalk

8. Publications on websites. Do a quick search on Google: “what to see in + your city” or “guide + your city“. The websites that will appear are potential pages to promote your guruwalk. Ask the admin if they could mention your guruwalk on their websites. Moreover, you can ask tourist attractions, hotels, transport companies (buses, boats,…), car parks,… that also have a website visited by travelers. You can find the most visited attractions of your city on TripAdvisor. They could also be websites of restaurants or bars.
Post of a tour of GuruWalk on a website.

9. Mention in confirmation emails of bookings or purchases. When travelers make a booking for a hotel, buy a museum ticket, or a bus ticket online, they will always receive a confirmation message/email. Why not asking if you could also appear in these messages? It could even be a recommendation of an Airbnb host to their travelers.

10. Mention in a newsletter. Hotels, tourist attractions, … usually send newsletter emails explaining what’s going on. It could also be a good opportunity to mention your guruwalk.

11. Complete article in the press or in a blog. The press is always looking for new information. Why not reaching the editorial team to write a post about your guruwalk? Or inviting a blogger from your city to write about the experience he/she lived during your guruwalk? That would be a very good promotion and it will give you a lot of credibility. For instance, you can find here a mention of the guruwalk of Magda (Athens, Greece) in the famous English Newspaper ‘The Independent’.

12. Mention in social networks. If the hotel or the tourist attraction has a Facebook or Instagram page, why not trying to convince them to make a post about your guruwalk?

Screenshot of a post on Instagram of a guru from GuruWalk in Cienfuegos, Cuba.

13. Do something very crazy. A nude tour on national nude day? A tour disguised as a superhero? A tour for singles only? When you do something original, it may interest the press and they could write about it.

Talk about your guruwalk

14. Post in travel forums. Search for travel forums in your city, articles about your city and make a comment recommending your tour with a link to your guruwalk.

15. Create a Facebook page. It will give visibility and credibility. You can post pictures, travelers may like your page and share it.

16. Invite travelers on Facebook events. It’s very easy, so travelers can sign up by clicking on the link of your guruwalk in the event’s description.

17. Post in Facebook groups. Enter travel Facebook groups about your country, region or city and publish your guruwalk. Make sure promotion is allowed in the group.

18. Have an Instagram page. Same as the Facebook page. There you can put more pictures of your city and of the travelers that joined your tour. It would be a new way for travelers to be aware of your guruwalk.


Let others attract more travelers for you

The 2 next tips can be done equally in hotels, airbnbs, tourist attractions, restaurants, transport companies, souvenir shops, tourist office, airports, car rental shops, …

19. Leave flyers. Many have a reserved space for commercial flyers of touristic activities. Leave yours and make sure they can be seen easily. It can also be in souvenir shops or anywhere in the center of the city.

20. Leave posters. Ask if you can put a poster somewhere. The same as with flyers: make sure they are visible for the traveler.

21. Pick up travelers at the hotel’s reception. This is a technique widely used by free tour agencies. Try to talk to the hotels near the meeting point of your guruwalk. The hotels will let know travelers about your guruwalk and explain you’ll come to pick them up at the reception, which is very convenient for travelers. The hotel is happy because it’s an activity they can offer to travelers without organizing anything.If hotels don’t want to, you can always encourage them by saying that you’ll pay €1 per traveler. It’s always worth it and it’s even better if the hotel can warn you if they have interested travelers. Be careful not to waste too much time waiting for travelers at hotels’ receptions so you don’t come late at the meeting point!

22. Recommendations of other gurus. Other gurus of your city can recommend your guruwalk to their travelers at the end of their tour. You don’t have to see other gurus as competitors as every guide has their own style and approach. Invite them to join your guruwalk, so they can recommend better your guruwalk to their travelers.

2 guides of free walking tours in Cuba.

Attract travelers

23. Attract people a half hour before with a free tour flag. People will notice the appealing ‘join this tour for free’ flag and will ask you more information. This technique is very effective in very touristic areas, where more travelers can see it. But be careful not to do it in the same starting point as other agencies, because it could be confusing for travelers.
Tour guide in Cambridge with a flag of GuruWalk inviting travelers to join her free walking tour.

And what about you? In your opinion what are the most effective way to get more travelers? Is there something you do that is not listed here? Thank you for helping our community to grow more together!