Eradicating racism must be a priority for our society. It can not be permitted to let anyone be treated differently or as inferior, bossed around, insulted, abused,  let alone killed, based on their race, sex, or sexual orientation. GuruWalk does not and will not tolerate any form of discrimination, hatred, or intolerance. 

Black lives matter 

We stand for justice to be served for the murder of George Floyd along with the many other people who have also suffered similar forms of aggression and discrimination. Although society and companies may be late to respond, it is time for all of us to say enough is enough, black lives matter. 

Educating ourselves about the necessary values ​​to combat racism 

There is no time like now to serve as a lesson on how to avoid the mistakes of the past, where the lack of information, the difference between social classes and economic interests have been such an obstacle in the way of enriching our cultural diversity. 

Narrow-minded people build these walls to separate us without ever understanding that they themselves are the most disadvantaged. This would not be such a grave problem if it weren’t for the fact that we are all connected and the authors of our own fate. This is why educating ourselves about these issues is essential and everyone’s responsibility. We encourage you to always stand for learning and living a life based on the values ​​of diversity. 

What can we do to contribute? 

Traveling helps to eradicate racism

The best way to learn is by experimenting for yourself and traveling can help this tremendously. When we leave our usual environment behind and embark on a journey to other places, we are predisposed to a learning process about the culture and customs of the chosen destination which brings us closer to a natural understanding of diversity. 

Just as when you read a good book you are expanding your mind, when you explore new places, you are developing thoughts and experiences that are much richer, because diversity is wealth and it gives us new points of view, as you discover a thousand and one ways that exist to see, do or feel the same thing as other people.

As it is often difficult to truly appreciate and love what you can’t understand, we invite you to travel, to meet your neighbors from other countries, to talk with them and look at them without any judgment. Perhaps what you see seems strange to you because it is different, but that does not mean that it is worse, or better; it is diverse. Let yourself go out and help build a better world, for yourself, your friends, family, and everyone along the way.

Let’s break down the walls that separate us

Humans are born with the fundamental tools to understand each other, and it is only through collaborating together that we can provide a solution to the common problems we are facing on a global level like poverty, discrimination, corruption or pollution.