From all the reviews and feedback received, we summed up the most important ones and defined what makes the difference between Good Gurus and a Super Gurus. Let’s see them:

1. Getting to know travelers (without being invasive)

Tour guide explaining something to a group of traveler during a guruwalk in Athens, Greece.

Good Gurus introduce themselves to their travelers and welcome them. They also explain what are the important spots travelers will see during the guruwalk. It seems perfect, right? But then…

What are Super Gurus doing?

Super Gurus try to know a bit their travelers, asking them where they come from, why they decided to travel in that city, if they like it, what they would like to visit,… In addition, travelers are introduced to each others, so they feel more comfortable during the guruwalk. Super Gurus can also ask about more personal interests, but without being invasive, and also explain their own interests or why they decided to become a Guru etc. It’ll guarantee empathy with travelers.

2. Knowing the right places (and the right time)

Good Gurus will teach you all the places of the guruwalk and again, it seems to be the perfect thing to do. But…

What are Super Gurus doing?

Besides thinking about all the places the walkers have to see during the guruwalk, they avoid rush hours of those places. They find less crowded places or time to create a better experience. In the end, they modify spontaneously their guruwalk to give the maximum satisfaction to travelers.

Super Gurus are flexible with the requests of travelers. For instance, if they want to see a place close to where you are or going to be, then try to reach it and then explain it. Travelers will be amazed that you know about other activities that were not on the plan and what you can recommend them during the guruwalk. Prepare common questions such as the places to eat, good, nice and cheap. It’ll give you more credits. 🙂

3. Having more than just a good time management

The good Guru will always be punctual, will have a perfect time management that has been set for each visited place and will make sure not to overdo it in order to be on time at the end of the visit.

And there comes what super Gurus do 😉

They are fully aware of the time of their guruwalk, but they are much more flexible with it. There will be tours that last longer and others less, depending on the interests of their travelers. Super Gurus will never rush anyone, since they know how important it is for their “walkers” to have a good experience, even if they have to skip a part of the visit if travelers are walking slowly.

4. Knowing how to tell the story

Group picture during a free tour in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Good Gurus follow the script they created before starting their first guruwalk, providing valuable historical and cultural facts and and they are always telling the same story.

Super Gurus make it different

Thanks to their storyteller skills, they love telling stories during their guruwalk and travelers are mucho more engaged. They will tell personal anecdotes about how to live in that city, empathizing it with travelers’ perspectives and including funny experiences they lived during former tours.

5. Having a strong travel knowledge

Good Gurus are experts of their city, existing monuments and their history.

But what’s the little extra to become Super Gurus?

Super Gurus have a solid travel background, love to travel and to know different cultures. It allows them to connect more easily with travelers, sharing their travel knowledge with travelers as they’ve seen same places or lived similar travel situations.

6. Using humor during the guruwalk (not only jokes!)

Travelers laughing on a free walking tour in Barcelona with GuruWalk.

Good Gurus prepared some jokes to do during their guruwalk to make travelers laugh, so that travelers have a fun experience, which will result in higher tips.

What about Super Gurus?

Super Gurus use humor to tell their story, make walkers playing a funny historical situation. More than using jokes, they will also use interesting questions at the beginning of the guruwalk that will be resolved at the end to keep the walkers’ attention. For example: do you know what was the real reason behind the fall of the Berlin Wall? I’ll tell you it during the guruwalk 😉

7. Be more than a guide (a friend!)

Group of travelers applauding a free walking tour guide in Prague.

Good Gurus will say goodbye to their travelers, they will have a prepared closing speech, such as “I hope you enjoyed the guruwalk a lot” and will do a quick reminder of what travelers saw and give extra advices of what to do next.

Super Gurus will go a bit further

They recommend events, their favorite place in the city and even go for a drink with some of their travelers.

Super Gurus are more than a guide, redefining the visit to bring more to travelers, creating an unforgettable experience and being an impressive example of hospitality. They are travelers themselves, they love meeting new people from different parts of the world and they work with passion because their main objective is to share their knowledge. That passion can be felt by their “walkers” and that is what makes the difference.

When travelers end their guruwalk with the feeling of having a new friend in that city, it just means they found a SUPER GURU!