If you’re just getting started, it’s the first video you should watch! We explain you what you can find on GuruWalk and how to edit your profile page.

This post is a transcription of the detailed video below.

Enter your profile

Welcome guru in the GuruWalk family!

You can enter your GuruWalk’s account from any page of the platform. You just have to click on ‘Log in’ on the top right of your screen. If you don’t remember your password, no worries. Click on the blue button ‘Reset password’ and we will send you a new one.

You know you’re connected on the platform because you can see your little profile picture in the top corner on the right.

Activate notifications

Once connected, you will see a yellow banner that invites you to activate notifications, as you can see in the picture below:

Screenshot of the website of GuruWalk to activate notifications.

It’s very important to activate them on all devices that you use often (especially on your mobile phone). From GuruWalk, we send you an email for each booking or message you receive on the platform. But I guess you are not always looking at your mailbox and you could lose a booking / message. This could generate a bad review from the traveler on your profile.

If you activate the notifications, you will always get an alert on your mobile phone. It’s important because many travelers book or send messages shortly before the tour.

For more information, you can take a look in this post on how to activate notifications on your mobile phone.

Edit your profile

Screenshot of the profile of a guru of GuruWalk.

If you put the mouse on your little profile picture on the top right, a drop-down menu will appears. It contains ‘My Tours’, ‘Edit my profile’ and ‘Log out’.

When you click on ‘My Tours’, you arrive to your profile, with your name, profile picture, your tour and review received.

If you want to edit your profile, just click on the blue button ‘edit profile’ below your profile picture. To go faster in the future, you can also click directly on ‘edit my profile’, in the drop-down menu.

Edit the description, profile picture and phone number

Profile picture of two gurus of GuruWalk having a great quality.

Here you can edit:

  • Your profile picture;
  • The description of your profile. Although you do not speak Spanish, we suggest you translate the description in this language. It will give you much more visibility on the platform;
  • Your phone number. We always advise putting it. It’s not public. We just send it when a traveler makes a booking (your phone number will appear in the booking details). We also recommend to put the prefix, since many travelers don’t know the prefix of the country they are visiting. In case you have several numbers, put the one you use the most, and if you have WhatsApp, it’s even better. It improves significantly the communication.
  • The preferred language, is only to know in our system in what language we are going to send you the automatic emails 😉

And do not forget to click on save information! Otherwise, the changes you did will not be saved!

Edit the email and password

Once you have clicked on ‘edit the profile’, you will see on the left of your screen, a line that says ’email and password’. There you can edit both information.

Also on the left, you will see ‘notifications’, where you can manage the emails you receive according to the type of action (new reservation, …).


At the top right, there is the ‘Messages’ button. There you can find all the messages exchanged with anyone on GuruWalk. You can mark as unread if you want to answer later. 

In this post, you will find templates and ways to communicate with the traveler like a pro.


At the top right, you will see a ‘Reservations’ button. If you just started on GuruWalk, you usually don’t have anything yet. Normally, 3 categories will appear over time:

  • Cancelled events (when you or the traveler cancels the tour);
  • Expired events (when the tour has been done);
  • Upcoming events (when the tour has not yet taken place).