Do you want to edit your tour page? To change the schedule? Or maybe add something else in the description? In this article, we show you how to do it! 馃檪

In the following video, you can find all the detailed information on how to edit your tour page. Below, you can find the transcription of this video.

You have to go in the upper-right corner of your screen, where you can see your little profile picture. In the drop-down menu that appears, click on ‘My tours’.

On this page, click on the photo of your tour, where you see the title written in white on the picture. We are already on the tour page! Below the pictures of your guruwalk, click on the blue phrase ‘edit tour’. You will arrive at the form that you have filled in to create your tour on the platform.

In the form, there are 4 tabs: location, description, photos and timetable. You just have to choose the one that interests you.

Screenshot of the banner with 4 tabs on the edit part of the tour page of GuruWalk.
Watch out! Every time you make a change, you have to click on the red button ‘save’. Moreover, if you have the tour in Spanish too, do not forget to make the change in this language as well (description, schedule, …).

We also advise you to put the description of your tour in Spanish, even if you don鈥檛 speak this language (it takes 2 seconds with Google Translate). It will give much more visibility to your guruwalk on the platform.

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