Hello guru! Do you want more bookings? Then don’t miss this post that explains, step by step, how to improve your profile to encourage travelers to book more!

Travelers doing a DAB in a famous place of Milan during a guruwalk.

There are 2 key elements to generate more reservations with your profile:

  1. Everything must convey trust. Travelers still don’t know anything about you, nothing about your guruwalk. Your profile should inspire trust.
  2. Comply with what traveler are looking for. In addition, travelers have in mind a type of tour, which is available at a certain time, with the places they want to see and what they expect to find in your profile, …

To achieve this, we will show you how to improve each part of your profile, the most important being the reviews (and your answers!), and the main picture of your guruwalk.

Improve your profile

To change it, just click on the small picture of your profile in the right corner. A drop-down menu will open where you will see ‘edit my profile’.

Profile picture

Travelers want to know who they are going to do the guruwalk with. So it’s super important to have a good profile picture. The best profile picture has 3 elements:

  • A picture of your face, with a smile
  • Taken during the tour or in a neutral place
  • Of good quality

If you want to know all the secrets to have the best profile picture, and see some bad examples that you shouldn’t follow, don’t hesitate to take a look at this article we wrote.

Profile picture of two gurus of GuruWalk having a great quality.

Profile description

It’s the same as the profile picture: travelers want to know more about the person who is going to guide them through the city. The description should be short, personal and show that you are an expert of your city (studies, work experience, passion, …). Put yourself in the shoes of the traveler to know what you are looking for in a good guru.

We also have a detailed post with examples, to help you write the best possible description.

Improve your tour page

To edit the fields of the tour page, you just have to go to the page of your guruwalk, and click on ‘edit tour’. Don’t forget to always ‘save’ all the changes made 😉

Photos of the guruwalk

The photos of the guruwalk are very important, especially the first one. In many cases, it’s thanks to this first picture that the traveler decides to enter the profile of your guruwalk.

The best cover photo should be a good quality picture with travelers in an emblematic place in your city, and that shows a great experience (smiling people, good weather, …). You can also be very creative in your photos. In this full article we show you many examples of gurus that have perfect photos to encourage travelers to book!

Travelers jumping in the air in a famous place of Rome during a free walking tour with GuruWalk.

Tour title

To improve your profile, it could be easy to forget having an attractive title. However, it’s key to generating more bookings. Think about what makes your tour unique and different from the other tours on your city’s page. It can be by its approach, its main topic, the way you explain, its duration, schedule, etc.

Here is a full article to improve your tour title in order to help you define yours.

Description of the guruwalk

The description of the guruwalk is key to inform travelers about what make your tour special. We advise that it always contains:

  • An introduction
  • A list of places l(which travelers want to see)
  • A nice closing with additional details, and inviting travelers to book.

The style and the way you present things are also important.

We give you all the secrets and good examples of tour descriptions in the following full article.

Meeting point

Travelers do not know your city, so your meeting point should be a famous place in the city. Chances are it will be a crowded place and quite broad. That’s why you have to define very well in which part you will be waiting for them and in what way they will recognize you.

Moreover, think of the place where most travelers stay in your city, to be as close as possible to them. Eventually, the point you choose should also be easily accessible by public transport.

Do not hesitate to always send the Google Maps link of your meeting point in the reminder message.

We highly recommend to check here our full post about the meeting point and how to get the most out of it!

Profile picture of two gurus of GuruWalk during a free walking tour in the meeting point.


It doesn’t matter if you have the best tour. If it’s not available when travelers want it, they will not book it. In general, travelers usually book for the weekend and before and after lunch (that changes according to the nationalities of your travelers). In addition, you have to take into account the arrivals and departures of travelers in your city, and also the weather to set the best time.

This, and many more recommendations can be found in our detailed article to define the best schedule of your experience.


Travelers consider reviews as if they were recommendations of their friends, so their impact is very important when deciding to book your guruwalk or not.

More than reviews, your answer to these reviews has a much more important weight because it reveals more about you. Furthermore, if you answer a new review, it shows that you are active on the platform (gives trust to the traveler) and that you take into account what the traveler says.

If you want to make sure you have a maximum of 5 star reviews and know how to act if you get a bad opinion, we advise you to read this article of our blog about reviews.

Positive review on a tour of GuruWalk in Cuba answered by the guru Victor.

What’s next?

Now that you know how to improve your profile, let’s read another our detailed post to get even more bookings!