In this post, we show you all the ways to use Facebook and Instagram to promote your guruwalk and generate more bookings for free! Let’s go!

Banner of social media showing Facebook use.

Share my guruwalk on Facebook

This is one of the simplest ways to promote your guruwalk or anything and reach a lot of people :). On Facebook not only are your friends or family, but also friends of your friends.

First, we will show you how to share the guruwalk on Facebook. After that, we will explain how to viralize it so that we can reach more people that could be interested.

You must go to GuruWalk and click on your tour page. We will take as an example the guruwalk of Rabat, Morocco of our beloved guru Belén. 🙂

As we show you in the screenshot below, you must copy the link of the URL bar that is shown in the upper part of your screen, once connected on GuruWalk.

Image of a tour page on the platform GuruWalk in Rabat.

When we copied the link, we have to log in on Facebook. Here you can do two things:

First option

Copy the link directly in “Make Post” in the Facebook page as we show in the following screenshot.

Field of Facebook to write a post.

If you do it directly, the displayed photo will look small. Furthermore, the description doesn’t appear well. Keep in mind that images are used to sell free tours. It would look like this:

Post in Facebook of a guruwalk of Rabat.

Once the link copied, the small photo and the description of the guruwalk are automatically added. So you can delete the entire link and the image remains with the text. When someone will can click on the image, he or she will arrive directly on your tour page where the booking can be done.

Second option

Do exactly the same as before. Copy the link and Facebook will upload the photo and the description of your guruwalk. However, if you pay attention, there is a cross to delete what has been uploaded, as we show in the screenshot below in yellow.

Post about a guruwalk in Rabat on Facebook

You click on the cross to remove the content that is automatically loaded. After, you can add an attractive photo instead of what appears by default 🙂

Travelers love group pictures with other travelers. This brings much more trust if they have a good quality.

Group picture of a free walking tour of GuruWalk in Cuba.

If you still don’t have this kind of pictures and you don’t have good pictures of the city, you can go to websites like Pixabay or Pexels. On these websites, you will find many pictures of your city and in high quality. Futhermore, you can also use them on your guruwalk’s page. In this way, you will be able to receive many more bookings 🙂

A picture is worth a thousand words

We took one very attractive from Pixabay for the guruwalk of Rabat. To add it on our Facebook post, all we have to do is go to the button just below the field where it says “Photo / Video” and click there.

The folder of your laptop will open. We look for where we have the file of the chosen picture, we double click and the picture will be uploaded. This would leave the photo loaded.

To make it even more attractive, we can click on “Edit Photo”. Facebook has filters. We can choose one so that our picture looks as good as possible. In this case, we chose the filter “Summer”.

Post about a guruwalk in Rabat on Facebook, changing the image of the post.

Now we show you how are the two posts, so you can choose which you prefer.

Post without the picture, just with the link:

Post about a guruwalk in Rabat on Facebook

Post with the picture, filter and link:

Post about a guruwalk in Rabat on Facebook with a wonderful image.

Which one looks the best? 🙂

In order to have a good description and create a bigger impact we must think who is going to see it. When you share it on your Facebook, it will be shown to your friends who already know the city. So we recommend you to do a description like the following:

“Hi, I’m Belén! As you know, I love showing my city to anyone interested in discovering Rabat. There are thousands of curious places and stories that you probably don’t know and I would love to bring to the most fascinating ones. On my guruwalk you are free to decide the price and I am sure you will love it. To book it and for more information, just click here: “

When you have the description ready, just share it on your wall. Moreover, if you want to have a really huge impact, the best way is to tell all your friends to share the post. In this way you will reach many more people.

You can also create a contest, for example you can offer a guruwalk for free for 5 people among the ones that shared your post. This way you will reach more people.

How to create an event to promote my guruwalk on Facebook

Creating an event on Facebook is free, easy and allows us to put the option to repeat the event several times.

If you look on the left of Facebook there is a tab called “Events”. This is where you have to click. Facebook will automatically show you the following screen:

Facebook events.

As you can see on the left part there is the blue button “Create Event” where you have to click. In the case we have already an event, it will be shown as “Upcoming Events”.

Once we click on the blue button, two options will be displayed.

Showing how to create a Facebook event.

We recommend you to choose “Create Public Event” so that anyone on Facebook can see and sign up for your event.

The following screen will appear that we show you, where we are going to start creating the event.

How to do it so that it has the maximum power:

  • Event Photo or Video: The most trusted are those with a group of travelers. If you don’t have such picture yet, as we said earlier, you can take one of your city from Pixabay or Pexels in good quality.
  • Event Name: It’s best to start with Free Walking Tour in Rabat (naming the city) and then some interesting subject. It could be for example: “know the city as a local” or “get to know hidden places”, …
  • Location: Your city. You may wait some seconds before it appears.
Showing how to create a Facebook event for a guruwalk.

When we have the first part of the created event, we scroll down and more options appear:

  • Frequency: This is very important because it allows us to automatically repeat the event 🙂

Facebook allows us to select a maximum of 15 dates. So we will set a frequency of “daily” and for example, we will select from Friday to Friday or from Saturday to Saturday, which are the days that most people book.

Creating an event on Facebook.

IMPORTANT: When the 15 days have passed, a new event must be created.

The following step is the description of the event. We recommend you to write a good and attractive description that invites the traveler to join your tour. Here is an example:

Showing the description of a Facebook event.

When we have our description ready, we only have to complete the following options to have our guruwalk’s event created.

  • Ticket URL: We will put the link to our guruwalk.
  • Co-hosts: We will leave it blank.
  • Posting: Anyone can post. This is good as interested travelers can leave comments on the event page.
  • Display guest list: This way, anyone can see how many people are interested in your event. Nobody likes to be the first to join, so if they can see that other people will be there, there are more chances they will join your guruwalk event.
Showing the creation of a Facebook event.

We then click on the blue button “create” and we have our event ready.

How to promote my event

One thing is to create an event, an article, a website, … and another thing is to promote it to reach the interested people. Even when we have an event ready, if we are not able to spread it, it will not help us.

So, how do we spread the event?

One of the best free techniques we know is to promote your guruwalk event in the Facebook groups of your city. We will now tell you how to do it.

  1. Go to the Facebook search bar, in the top left and write the name of your city as shown in the following image.
Showing a search on Facebook.

2. On the next screen, Facebook shows us everything related to Rabat. However, we only want the “groups”. Thus, press the “Groups” tab shown in yellow.

Showing the results of a search on Facebook.

3. A list of all the Rabat groups will appear.

Not all groups are insteresting to promote your guruwalk. So we have to choose very well, following this example for Rabat:

  1. Expats in Rabat
  2. Rabat travelers
  3. Rabat events
  4. Expats Morocco (you can choose places near your cities to promote the guruwalk)
  5. Spaniards in Rabat or English or French, etc …
  6. Couchsurfing Rabat
  7. Erasmus in Rabat

There are endless possibilities and groups to publish. But what are the groups that are really effective?

If the group counts on than 1000 members is very important. However, it’s also essential to see if the group is alive or dead. It’s easy to know when you see how many posts are made in this group. If they have 10,000 members but they don’t have new posts, it will not help. However, if it has 2000 members and many posts, it means that the community is very active and will see your post.

Preview of a Facebook group of expat in Rabat.

When you enter the group, you can see when it was the last post. In this case it was 20 hours ago, so we know that group members are active and will see your event. 🙂

We recommend you to promote your guruwalk from time to time in all these groups. In this way, you will receive many more bookings for free!

Fan Page on Facebook!

Facebook is the biggest social network and one of the most used by people so, why don’t you create a Fan Page?

You can invite every walker that you receive from GuruWalk and create your own walkers community. They will recommend you on Facebook, they will publish their photos with you…

Do you know about Facebook Live?

It’s a feature of Facebook that allows us to record short videos in streaming. It’s awesome because if you are doing a guruwalk you can record it at the same time and post it on your Fan Page. 🙂

Instagram Age!

Instagram is growing fast around the world and many of your future walkers are on this social network.

Most people between 17 to 30 years old have an Instagram account, enjoying sharing pictures and stories about their trips and why not about your guruwalk. 😉

Register on Instagram! It’s easy and you can promote your guruwalk and reach many people for free 🙂

The hashtag #guruwalk is already created!

Many people know GuruWalk and they already look for our brand. If you tag your content with the #guruwalk, it will be easier for people to find you on Instagram to book your guruwalk.

Don’t just upload pictures with your walkers, try to do better than others.

For example, you can upload pictures with curious things of your city, stories about the real life in your city, share the experiences that happened during your guruwalks, record your walkers recommending your tour… 🙂