Kandy García, better known as the backpacker grandmother, was with us in the “Traveling alone 2.0” event, telling us about her life changing experience since she decided to start traveling. When she reached retirement age at age 66, she decided to undertake an adventure that took him around the world, and with it, to meet a multitude of countries and cultures and to live new experiences in each destination she was traveling to.

She is not the only one who has turned around the world, her feat does not reside in this milestone. What makes the granny backpacker special is that she travels around the world with a smile as a traveling companion, wanting to continue to be surprised by everything that surrounds her. A vision of life that may seem risky, but is extremely contagious.

In fact, Kandy clarified at the beginning of the talk that when she started with all this, she did not even know what a point com (.com) was, that the change for her also reached technological level. Now she has social networks in which he shares the trips she continues to make and inspiring other travelers to continue touring the world with joy, surprised by all the new knowledge of a new culture. There are many users who write admiring the vitality that shows their age and the example that transmits with their trips.

It is possible that not everyone can reach 83 years old with the physical conditions of the backpacker grandmother. It is true, but it is also true that there are many people who arrive at an age, nor do they consider traveling because of the discomfort or anilments they may have. During the testimony, she also refers to her ailments, which she has but she is quite clear about it. Do not let the inconvenience be the ones that decide what to do or where to go.

In our community of gurus and walkers, we have a large number of travelers who love to know the world, visiting thousands of destinations doing free tours and knowing the local culture of each city.

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