Hi there guru! Today’s post is all about creativity! We’ll bring original ideas and reflections on how to make a creative and original guruwalks. It’s going beyond the “usual tour” and create unforgettable experiences for your walkers 🙂

Thematic guruwalks, less touristic visits, are having a greater importance within the community. It results in many bookings made by walkers looking for something different during their stay in your city.

The first thing you have to do is thinking about what makes your city special. Moreover, you need to see how you could differentiate yourself with it. But the most important, the chosen topic should be known and attract the interest of travelers.

Let’s start!

Why not a movie/series-based guruwalk?

The walk about Harry Potter in London is a tour based on the scenarios where these famous movies were filmed. And it’s one of the most booked guruwalks on the platform in London.

But not only that, series are having a very big impact worldwide. That’s why other original guruwalks have emerged like the Stranger Things walk in Jackson, USA.

Cover picture of the Netflix Serie Stranger Things.

Let’s take a Best Seller and make it alive!

Even if now people are focused on series here and there, you should never forget the great books. Those that transport us through their pages with incredible stories that mostly are the basis of great movies 😉

Do you remember Dan Brown’s success with the Da Vinci Code? Why not doing original guruwalks about this book in Paris, making the traveler a part of the story? 🙂

And that Lord of the Rings guruwalk in Hobbiton, New Zealand, could be viral! But not only. Can you imagine reliving the story of Anne Frank in Amsterdam? Thanks to the diary of Anna Frank we could create a super guruwalk having a great success 🙂

And about historical figures, the ones we hate?

One of the most popular theme-based guruwalks is the one about Pablo Escobar in Medellín. This tour explains the reality of this character who caused so much damage to Colombia. The gurus of this tour told us that they wanted to tell the real story, not the one seen in the Narcos series. Travelers are glad to listen to these local gurus as there is no better way than learning from someone local.

Going back to London, we can also find a guruwalk about one of the most famous murderers in History, Jack The Ripper. This kind of guruwalk can be adapted for other countries and cities. It’s the example of our Colombian gurus, telling the truth of some black periods of our cities or countries. It could be about the dictatorship of Francisco Franco in Spain or the period of Adolf Hitler in Germany.

But and … why not about characters that we love?

For example, a Mozart guruwalk in Vienna would be an authentic delight for any lover of classical music in a city that exudes culture and art in any corner.

But not only that, important artists such as Van Gogh, Picasso, Monet, Dalí,… could have their guruwalk personalized for painting lovers.

And if we go to more current characters, we could do a walk about Shakira’s life in Barranquilla or the first steps of Michael Jordan in Brooklyn.

Picture of the basketball player Michael Jordan during a game.

There are thousands of famous people in every city. Every corner could be used and travelers love this type of tours. If you are a fan of some famous people, do not hesitate! 🙂

Let’s not forget the fantastic stories and legends!

One of the original guruwalks that most surprised us is in Athens and it’s a walk with ancient gods. During the walk, Nataliya, the guru, takes us on a route through the Thiseio telling us stories of the famous Greek mythology. It includes gods such as Zeus the god of sky, Hephaestus, god of fire and forge, Aphrodite, goddess of love and many more …

We could do it with the famous Viking gods of Norse mythology like Odin, father of gods, Thor, god of thunder, or Loki, god of misfortune 🙂

But also fantastic stories, like those of the Leprechaum in Ireland or in search of the Loch Ness monster in Scotland, can be very interesting. Walkers indeed don’t know the stories of our countries.

Gastronomy, the power of food

Every country has its own gastronomy and travelers like to taste the flavors of other places. Why not making a gastronomic guruwalk?

For this, you should contact restaurants that are interested in attracting travelers and that can give them to try for free. In this way, they win travelers who want to eat in those restaurants and you can create a great guruwalk and have good tips 🙂

It is not our idea, it’s already being done in Sofia, Bulgaria, where three restaurants are visited and the walkers can try different dishes of the rich Bulgarian gastronomy.

Travelers at a table's restaurant during a free food tour in Sofia, Bulgaria.

But not only them, our gurus in Medellín have created a very original guruwalk about the flavors of Colombia. What they do is taking their walkers through markets where they can taste flavors while they are explaining about Colombian cuisine, awesome right?

And about the drinks?

In Vienna, our most famous tour is about beer! It’s from our guru Kennet, who is a brewer. If you want to take a look at his tour, click here.

In Bordeaux, they made of course a tour for wine lovers! Why not creating one about the typical drinks of your city?

Periods and events that have marked history

History has been made by many different moments that changed the course of humanity. It can also be of great interest to any traveler who visits a city or a country.

Why not doing original guruwalks about Martin Luther King and his struggle to recognize civil rights for African-Americans in the USA? Or telling the battle carried out by Napoleon Bonaparte in Waterloo in Belgium?

Thousands of examples exists such as the Cuban revolution of Fidel Castro and Che Guevara, the French industrial revolution, the story of Eva Perón, president of the Peronist party and leader for the universal suffrage in Buenos Aires.

We all have a passion for something, why not using it to create original guruwalks?

There is a quote defining this concept very well: “work on what you like and you will never work again” 🙂

Do you like street art? So do a street art guruwalk like our guru Magda in Athens and enjoy teaching travelers about the graffiti culture of your city.

Picture of a street art.

Do you consider yourself a nature lover and want to share what you know? Here are two good examples of our guru Chiara in Barcelona, who takes her travelers on a route to the Mount Tibidabo or our guru Hugo in Lagos, who takes her walkers on a beautiful route visiting beaches and caves.

If you are passionate about football, you could do original guruwalks about the history of your team. That’s what our friends from Buenos Aires did with this guruwalk about Boca Juniors. If you like fashion, you could do a shopping walk with the shops of your city or a tour on some big fashion icons like Coco Chanel in Paris or even do one in Indian markets.

Maybe what you like the most is the architecture. You can decide to do a tour about this topic or about some famous architects like Gaudí in Barcelona.

Guruwalks of social conscience

This is an example that we love. In developed and developing countries, people like you can raise awareness about social problems and causes existing in your country. And what a better way to know about it than with a local?

From social inequalities in India, corruption in Mexico to the “homeless” who live with few resources in developed countries, travelers can approach your city with new eyes. Visiting some neighborhoods where tourists usually don’t go as the Bronx in New York or Favelas in Rio de Janeiro can be another option. It’s always keeping in mind the intercultural vision of these realities and how to help them.

These are some examples to create original guruwalks that hook your walkers. But as you know, the limit is in your imagination.

We would like to know ingenious ideas you have for your future guruwalks, drop a comment and we will help you to make them reality! 🙂