How to activate GuruWalk's notifications on your iPhone and Android!

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Bernard S.

Hello gurus!

There is nothing worse than a bad review from a traveler who wrote you didn't show up to the tour. That’s why we implemented a system of notifications that lets you know instantly on your mobile phone when you have a new message of a traveler, a booking or a cancellation.

If you have an Android system, you just have to enter on GuruWalk in your Internet browser (Chrome etc). You will quickly see a banner inviting you to click to activate the notifications. Just click to accept and that’s it!

To activate them on an iPhone, it’s a bit different. That’s why we wrote this quick guide to explain you how to configure your Iphone step by step to receive notifications from us. Let’s go!

Save GuruWalk as a new contact

The first thing to do is to add ‘GuruWalk’ as a new contact name and to put as the email's contacta in the adequate field, as shown below:

Once the contact is saved, enter in your email for the next step.

Add GuruWalk in a VIP list

On the first page of your Mail called “mailboxes”, you will see an option with a blue star called VIP, click on it and press the button “add VIP”.

Look for the GuruWalk’s contact that you previously saved and click on it. The contact will be saved in your VIP list. You’ll then see a button called “VIP notifications”. Click on it.

You can now choose how the notifications is shown on your mobile, for example: banners, with sound,… We strongly recommend you to activate the “Show on Lock Screen” option. This way you make sure you can't miss it!

And that’s it! It was easy, wasn’t it? :)

We hope that this new feature will give you more control over your bookings.

Let us know your opinion about it by leaving a comment below :)

See you soon for more tips!