In this post, we’ll learn about a feature that will allow you to modify a booking’s date/time instead of cancelling it when the event can’t be done at the moment it was booked.

Let’s imagine

  • A traveler asks me to postpone / advance his/her booking;
  • I only have one booking in the morning and I would like to add it to the little group I have in the afternoon.
  • I can’t do the tour in the morning due to an unforeseen event.

For all these cases, you’d have to cancel the booking. However, it’s not the best solution. Cancelation indeed causes a bad experience, is very unprofessional and will penalize your ranking on your city page. 

The solution? It’s now possible to modify the date and time of any booking! You can postpone / advance the booking at the time you wish, to add it to other bookings or at any other time.

In this video, we show you how it works:

You simply have to go to your ‘Bookings’. Look for the booking you want to modify. Click on ‘See details’ and then click on ‘Change schedule’.

Screenshot of the platform GuruWalk showing how to change the schedule of a booking.

There you can change the date and time. GuruWalk will send an automatic message to inform the traveler about your tour’s schedule change. You will also see a box where we strongly recommend that you explain to the traveler the reasons for this change. It will be sent from your account on the platform and help you be more professional. 

What’s next?

Now that you know how to modify a booking’s date and time, it’s time to discover more GuruWalk’s feature! In this post, you can see all of them!