Ghosts and mysteries of London

Bars closed. Then opened. Then closed. Finally everyone realised it was time to create alternative date ideas, but with lockdown not allowing more than two people to get together at the same time, it can be tricky. That’s why Guruwalk has prepared some quirky self-guided walks especially for Inner Circle. Now you have an excuse to meet up and find out more about the streets you pass every day.

It’s time to discover your date, and re-discover your city. Let’s go!

About the tour

You’ve been brave enough to choose the Mystery & Ghosts Tour. Starting in the spookiest streets of London, this tour will take you through a sequence of menacing alleyways and courtyards that will transport you back to the days of Dickensian London. Get ready to unlock the famous mysteries of Temple and Fleet Street.


Who has the best sense of direction? Give that person the map, while the other takes charge of reading the story and sharing the secrets of the tour.

The cards below tell you a short story about the points on the map. The last point on the map will lead you to Fitology Kitchen where you’ll get a complimentary cup of mulled wine

Link to the map

Starting point: Outside the Blackfriar pub, at the junction of New Bridge Street and Queen Victoria Street.

Let’s go!

And now… 

The tour has now come to an end, but that doesn’t mean your date has to. Inner Circle is inviting you for a complimentary mulled wine at Fitology Kitchen. Simply show your Inner Circle app to get your drink.

We hope you have enjoyed this taste of GuruWalk. If you’d like some more, with an in-person guide, please check out our website and join us for another tour of London!

On your way to the mulled wine? Good. Here’s one more thing to discuss with your date… What do you already like about each other?