Guía de free tour de GuruWalk hablando con una viajera al punto de encuentro

What to do when you only have one booking?

What happens if you have only one booking tomorrow or if you’re waiting for the travelers at the meeting point but in the end, only one person shows up? You want the traveler to have a satisfying experience but you are afraid that the tour may not be profitable. In this post, we will explain how to deal with this situation!

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Travelers laughing on a free walking tour in Barcelona with GuruWalk.

How to manage travelers at the meeting point?

In this post, you will find out everything you want to know about how to manage travelers at the meeting point before starting the tour 🙂 ContentThe importance of making a good first impression with travelersWhat to do with travelers who are already there?What to do with travelers who have not yet arrived?What’s next? The

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Discover all the GuruWalk’s features!

In this post, you will be able to discover all the features that GuruWalk offers you! Many will make you save loads of time and allow you to shine as a true professional! All these features of GuruWalk have been developed based on feedback we received from the gurus. If you have any other ideas

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Homepage of the platform GuruWalk

Using the platform: the need-to-know basics

In this post, you will learn the most essential features to correctly use the GuruWalk platform. It’s important that you understand them well because you don’t want to receive any bad reviews from travelers, which will reduce bookings considerably; and if bad reviews continue to happen, we might even have to close your tour.  At

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Roller coaster climb walkers descents

How to make a funny tour ?

A fun tour should be like a roller coaster and it’s you who has the power to design the experience, and most importantly, to make it fun. Stick with the idea that a roller coaster is an attraction with a flawless design, that focuses on experiences that have been adapted to a space or a

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Screenshot of a tour page on the platform GuruWalk.

How to edit my tour page on GuruWalk?

Do you want to edit your tour page? To change the schedule? Or maybe add something else in the description? In this article, we show you how to do it! 🙂 In the following video, you can find all the detailed information on how to edit your tour page. Below, you can find the transcription

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Screenshot of the profile of a guru of GuruWalk.

First steps on GuruWalk and how to edit your profile page

If you’re just getting started, it’s the first video you should watch! We explain you what you can find on GuruWalk and how to edit your profile page. This post is a transcription of the detailed video below. ContentEnter your profileActivate notificationsEdit your profileEdit the description, profile picture and phone numberEdit the email and passwordMessagesBookings

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Tour guide explaining something to a group of traveler during a guruwalk in Athens, Greece.

The differences between great Gurus and Super Gurus!

From all the reviews and feedback received, we summed up the most important ones and defined what makes the difference between Good Gurus and a Super Gurus. Let’s see them: Content1. Getting to know travelers (without being invasive)What are Super Gurus doing?2. Knowing the right places (and the right time)What are Super Gurus doing?3. Having

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