Travelers doing a DAB in a famous place of Milan during a guruwalk.

How to improve my profile to receive more bookings?

Hello guru! Do you want more bookings? Then don’t miss this post that explains, step by step, how to improve your profile to encourage travelers to book more! There are 2 key elements to generate more reservations with your profile: Everything must convey trust. Travelers still don’t know anything about you, nothing about your guruwalk.

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Calendar with days.

Tour schedule: when to get most travelers?

You can do the best tour in the world, but if it is not available when travelers want, they will not book it. Discover in this post how to choose the best tour schedule ! ContentBest days of the weekAdapt your tour scheduleBest hoursThink about the arrival times of travelersThink of the weather to define

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Someone waiting and looking at his or her watch.

VIDEO : How to reduce travelers’ no-shows?

Has it ever happened that you showed up at the starting point of your guruwalk and waited for travelers who never came? That’s what we call travelers’ no-shows. It can always happen but there are techniques that you can use to avoid this situation. Discover them in this post and the video below! ContentUnderstand travelers’

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