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Bernard S.
02 city tour madrid

70+ ways to get more tips with your guruwalk

A good guru earns an average of 10 euros per traveler. Are you earning less and would you like to earn more? Then read well this post and discover more than 70 ways to receive more tips at the end ...

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Bernard S.

How to reduce travelers' no-shows?

Has it ever happened that you showed up at the starting point of your guruwalk and waited for travelers who never came? It can always happen but there are techniques that you can use to avoid this ...

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Manuel Pérez
Kandy garcia abuelita mochilera viajar sola mundo 1

Kandy García, the backpacker granny who travels alone around the world

Kandy García, better known as the backpacker grandmother, was with us in the "Traveling alone 2.0" event, telling us about her life changing experience since she decided to start traveling. When she reached retirement age at age 66, she decided to undertake an adventure that took him around the world, and with it, to meet a multitude of countries and cultures and to live new experiences in each destination she was traveling to.

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