The aim of the profile description (field ‘about you’) is very simple but essential: that travelers can get an idea of who you are and above all understand that you are the best to guide them in the city!

If you want to transmit more trust and receive more bookings, don’t miss the following tips.

2 guides of free walking tours in Cuba.

To change the profile description, you just have to click on your small profile picture on the top right, and then enter ‘edit profile information’. Don’t forget to press on ‘save’ at the end of the page, otherwise changes will not be saved!

What we recommend

Show that you are an expert on the topic of your guruwalk 

It might be shown through:

  • Your studies: you studied / study a master’s degree in history, in art history, cooking classes if you do a gastronomic tour, …
  • An accreditation: you are an official guide, …
  • Your experience in the theme of your tour: you are an artist or you have worked with artists, you are part of a cultural association, you have worked in tourism, you are a historian, you wrote a book on the topic, you won a prize, it could be for personal issues, … Answer the question: why am I the best for this guruwalk?
  • Your experience in doing tours: you’ve been doing guided tours for X years, or you usually show around to the people who come to visit you, you worked in coordination of events, in theater, with children, as a teacher, …
  • Your experience of the city / country: If you have been in the city for a long time (min. a year, otherwise don’t mention it), walkers will understand that you know a lot about the place! If it’s the case, we also advise you to write that you lived in other parts of the country, or better, if you are from there.
  • A personal story: you can come with fun facts about you related to the country or topic of your tour. An unusual story that will open travelers’ curiosity. However, don’t make it too long.
  • The languages ​​you speak: You aren’t a native of the language of your guruwalk? Don’t hesitate to explain why you speak this language so well (you lived before in a country where this language is spoken, you practice it daily, because of your origins, …). Don’t hesitate to put the other languages ​​you speak, even if you don’t do the guruwalk in this language, or your nationality. It can make communication easier with travelers

Do it short

See how your profile description appears on the page of your tour. The ideal is that the ‘more’ does not appear, that all the information is directly available on the tour page.

Check grammar and spelling mistakes

Try to translate your description into Spanish

It’s the field below the profile description in English. It takes 2 seconds with Google Translate and it will give you much more visibility. It may be translated automatically on the platform, but it’s always better if you put it yourself as an automatic translation is never perfect.

Field on GuruWalk to add the profile description in English and Spanish.

What not to do

  • Do not put personal data: It’s not allowed to put your social networks, phone number, email, etc. If you have not yet put the phone number in your profile, you can add it by clicking on ‘edit profile information’. It will not be public and will only be sent to the traveler when booking your guruwalk.
  • Do not write things irrelevant to your experience or too personal.


Christine, guru in Florence, Italy.

Description of the profile of Christine, free tour guide in Florence.

Arturo, guru in Stockholm, Sweden.

Description of the tour of Arturo in GuruWalk.

Vesna, guru in Dubrovnik, Croatia.

Description of the profile of the guide Vesna of Dubrovnik on GuruWalk

Magda, guru in Athens, Greece (long version).

Long description of the profile of Magda, tour guide in Athens for GuruWalk

Vlaho, guru in Dubrovnik, Croatia (long version).

Long profile description of Vlaho, tour guide of Dubrovnik, Croatia, working for GuruWalk

What’s next?

Once you did the best profile description, you may think about improving your tour description, right? You’re lucky, here is a post precisely about it!