Do you want to improve your profile to have more bookings? That goes with a better profile picture too! We explain you everything you need to know in this post!

Travelers want to know who is going to lead the tour, see if you look professional and friendly. In addition, they will recognize you more easily at the meeting point. That’s why your profile picture has a very important role!

In this post, we explain all the secrets of the best profile picture, with examples of what needs to be done and what you shouldn’t do!

The perfect profile picture

A picture of your face, with a smile

It is very simple. It must be a good photo of your face, showing that you’re having a good time. Although it is not ideal, you can cut a photo, to have it focus on you alone. In this case, you have to make sure you do not lose picture quality.

Profile picture of two gurus of GuruWalk smiling.

Taken during the tour or in a neutral place

The situation is important. It is better if the photo is taken during a tour or at the meeting point, with the clothes that you usually wear to do the guruwalk.

Profile picture of two gurus of GuruWalk during a free walking tour in the meeting point.

Having a good quality

If you add this a high quality picture, taken with a good camera, you will have the best profile picture.

Profile picture of two gurus of GuruWalk having a great quality.


If you are someone funny or an extrovert, that will help a lot to show trust to travelers when booking. They know they will have a great time with you.

Profile picture of a fun and funny guru.

Examples of profile pictures that we DO NOT recommend

The examples that we are going to show you come all from gurus we have on the platform.


It’s a detail, but eyes transmit a lot of trust. That’s why we always advise to show your eyes in the picture. Same thing happen with a hat or anything that could not easily identify you.

Profile picture of two gurus of GuruWalk with sunglasses.

Profile picture with a group

It can create a confusing situation for travelers. They will indeed not know who their guru will be among these people on the picture. 

Profile picture of two gurus of GuruWalk with a group of travelers.

In a situation different of the tour

Forget the pictures in a restaurant or driving a boat. They are not related to your experience. For example, don’t put a picture of yourself in a forest if you do an urban art tour.

Profile picture of two gurus of GuruWalk taken in a situation different from their experience.

Photomontages or filters

The photo on the platform appears to be very small. So if you put several pictures, travelers will not see much. Moreover, putting filters does not inspire much confidence.

Photomontage used as profile picture for a guru of GuruWalk.

Profile picture taken from afar

As we said before, the photo has a small size and if it was taken from afar, travelers will not be able to see your face well.

Profile picture of two gurus of GuruWalk taken from afar

Profile picture that does not allow to recognize you

Pretty obvious. You can’t transmit trust showing your back.

Profile picture of two gurus of GuruWalk seen by their back.

Beware of selfies

There are good selfies, which allow you to see your face, your enthusiasm, … but there are others that make you lose credibility and that are not professionals as a tour leader.

Profile picture taken as a bad selfie in a bathroom for the plaform GuruWalk.