Did you know that our name is the most important for each of us? Do you imagine the positive effect to your walkers if you get to remember their names?

Group of travelers taking a picture together during a free walking tour in Rio, Brazil.

When you listen to your name, an incredible effect is produced on yourself. Your senses are suddenly sharpened towards the person that told your name. Your pupils are dilated and you start to pay attention to this person. It happens this way because we feel considered when we listen to our name.

The author of the book “how do you to earn friends and influence people”, Dale Carnegie, wrote the following:

“A person’s name is to him or her the sweetest and most important sound in any language.”

Anyway, it’s really difficult to remember the names of all your walkers. That’s especially the case when we have a huge group. So, we decided to write this post to bring you the best tips to remember the names of your walkers 🙂

Let’s go!

Picture of a big group of travelers during a free walking tour in Athens, Greece, with GuruWalk.

You will use all of these tips for each person arriving at the meeting point. If you use them for a group, these tips won’t work as you need to focus on one person only. So here are the tips to apply during the first 5–10 minutes, when you are waiting for other travelers, one to one 🙂

1. If you don’t keep attention, it’s not going to work!

When you meet someone for the first time, you need to totally pay attention in his/her name. Don’t distract yourself with the things happening around you. You should focus on that person and on the name’s person. If don’t keep attention, you will forget the name right after listing to it.

Ron White, memory’s award winner in USA 2009 and 2010, always repeat this:

A major reason you don’t recall names is you weren’t listening. Someone says their name and two seconds later you don’t know it. This is not a memory problem. It is a focus problem

2. Remember the names by repetition

We can use the repetition technique when we are waiting for others 🙂

Group picture of travelers on a free walking tour in London, UK.

Imagine that I’ve booked your guruwalk and when you meet me, I tell you: “Hi, my name is Pablo!”. This moment will be the first opportunity to do the first repetition: “Hi Pablo, I’m am…!”. This first repetition will help our brain to remember better the names.

If you repeat aloud the traveler’s name a lot of times, during the conversation, you are going to remember the names easily.

For example, if you get to remember my name and 30 minutes later you told me: “Hey Pablo! do you have any questions?”, I will think… “Wow! The guru really knows my name!”. My attitude will be more positive and I will give you more tips at the end of the tour 🙂

3. Focus your attention on one physical characteristic of your walker

You can choose something like beautiful eyes, a big nose, cool glasses, the person’s size,…
Usually, the first characteristic that catches your attention is generally the one to choose.

4. Remember the names thanks to famous people

Think about some similarities a traveler could have with a famous person you know.

For example, if we have in our guruwalk a traveler called Elisabeth, we could think about the Queen Elizabeth II or, for example, another traveler called Teresa may inspire you Mother Teresa 🙂

5. Connect the new name with an image

Scientific studies have shown that people remember better images than words. How many times have you thought about this person you can recognize but without being able to remember his/her name?

For example, if you meet a traveler called Lionel, you can match the new Lionel with Lionel Messi playing the final of Football World Cup 🙂

Picture of the back of Messi on the football field

If you get to remember the names of your walker, you will improve your relationship with them. This way, you are going to maximize your tips and your reviews 🙂

Hope you enjoyed this post! Tell us what you think of these tips and don’t hesitate to reach us if you have other ways to remember the names of your walkers.