Getting more reviews will bring you more travelers and thus more money. But how to make sure travelers will leave a review after your guruwalk and also how to avoid and deal with a bad review on your profile? We gathered the best tips and techniques in this post! Enjoy!

Text saying how fun was the walk followed by 5 yellow stars.

Why getting 5-star reviews matters?

It’s crucial to get as many 5-star reviews as possible on your profile, for two main reasons

  1. Right now, it’s one of the factors of ranking for a tour in the page of your city on GuruWalk. It’s not the most important but it helps to rank better on the page of your city and this way you will have more bookings.
  2. Trust. As you can read in this studymost online users trust online reviews as much as a friend’s recommendation. Do you see the potential? The more positive reviews you’ll get, the more trust you’ll transmit to future travelers, and thus the more bookings you’ll get.

How to easily get the 10 first reviews?

If you are just getting started on GuruWalk, it’s very important to quickly get your first 5-star reviews. But these ones are often the most complicated to get as you might not rank well on your GuruWalk’s city page and don’t inspire enough trust.

Why not asking friends or travelers to join your guruwalk for free? This way they could give you the first reviews and also valuable feedback on how to improve your experience. A great way to show their support for your new activity!

But of course, as these reviews are not totally objective, friend’s reviews are only allowed to get the 10 first reviews on your profile, not after.

Why not asking other gurus of your city to join your guruwalk for free? They will give you for sure very good ideas to keep improving and a good review. In addition, they can recommend your tour to their travelers!

Two travelers looking at their mobile phones.

How to get more 5-stars reviews?

At GuruWalk, we’re already helping you to get more 5-star reviews. After each tour, we send an automatic email inviting the walker to write a review on your profile, as you can see in the picture below.

Email from GuruWalk asking for a review on a tour.

Moreover, we send, not one, but two reminder emails! But sometimes, it’s just not enough. It’s so easy to delete an email. So here are some techniques you can use to get more reviews:  

1. Explaining the importance of reviews at the end of the tour

At the end of the tour, you should always include a part about the review in your closing speech. Travelers don’t always know that it’s so important, so it’s great to mention it.

According to your personality, you can explain it in different ways:

The professional way

“After the tour, you’ll receive an email inviting you to leave a review. And that’s very important because it’s currently the first ranking factor on the platform. So if you want to support me and have more travelers enjoying this amazing walk with me, you know what to do. Thank you so much.”

Guide of GuruWalk explaining something to travelers on a free walking tour in Valencia, Spain.

The funny way

  • Exaggerating:

After the tour, you’ll receive an email inviting you to leave a review. If you had the best time of your life, just open this email and put 5 stars, or 100! But please, not 3 or 4! Better delete the email haha.”

  • Cute:

“In the next hours, you’ll receive an email inviting you to write a review about the tour. My mom loves to see my reviews and she feels so proud of her son/daughter. So please, if you want to make my mom happy, you know what to do.”

  • Playing on the name:

After the tour, you’ll receive an email inviting you to leave a review. So remember, if you had a great time, my name is X. But if you had the worst time of your life, my name is X. It’s another guide on the platform and he/she will be so happy to see your review.”

Guide of GuruWalk explaining something to travelers in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

2. Giving a card at the end of the tour

Most free tour agencies give a business card to travelers at the end of the tour, with the name of the guide and the website link where they can give a review.

It could be a business card, but also a personalized map etc. Be creative!

Instead of the link, it could also be a QR code of the link to give a review. This way, you could have just one card to share among travelers that could access it easily.   

If you prefer the link option, think about shortening the URL address of the link. It will be easier for travelers to write it. There are many tools to do it, such as Bitly.

3. Share a tablet or your mobile phone

If you trust your travelers, what you can do is to share your mobile phone with the link to write a review. It’s a great way if travelers don’t have data on their phones.

4. The excuse of the group picture

Most tour agencies take a picture with travelers during their tours and send a message with this picture. It could be through the platform (with a link of Google Drive, Facebook etc) or through WhatsApp.

This message is a great opportunity to remind travelers to write a review on your profile. Make it easy, by putting the (short) link directly in the message. But of course, do it only with travelers that didn’t leave you a review, because it could be a little too much for the ones who already wrote it.

Travelers taking a selfie of grimaces during a guruwalk in Medellin, Colombia.

Your answer matters more than the review

On GuruWalk, you can answer the reviews given by travelers and we strongly recommend you to do so. Indeed, future travelers care more about your answer than the review itself.

If they see that you reply to travelers’ reviews, they will think that you are active on the platform, that you will quickly answer their questions, solve their doubts etc. Moreover, replying to reviews show that you act as a professional and that you care about the travelers on your tours (you read and take into account what travelers say).

It generates more trust and thus more bookings.

Positive review on a tour of GuruWalk in Cuba answered by the guru Victor.

Bad reviews are a huge opportunity, not a problem

So you just got a bad review? Act as a professional, take it into account to improve your guruwalk and experience and answer it!

It’s important to answer a positive review, but it’s even more important if it’s a negative one. Otherwise, travelers will think the topic remained unsolved and that it could happen to them too! So even if you privately fixed the issue with the traveler, you should always make clear to future travelers that you took the necessary measures by replying the review.

So here you have what your answer should look like:

  1. Thank the traveler. He/She took the time to write it to you and to be honest about how he/she felt with regards to your experience.
  2. Explain how the issue is now solved for the next tours. Be fun and serious at the same time. And make clear the traveler is not responsible for this situation, even if you don’t feel this way. That’s how travelers will see you are a professional.
Answer of a bad review on GuruWalk.
If you feel the review was completely unfair or a lie (a fake review, about another tour, etc.), talk to us first and we may consider deleting the review.

How to avoid the typical bad reviews?

Most bad reviews are a result of a no-show or because you didn’t properly cancel a booking. And these can easily be avoided.

1. No show reviews

This review was made by a traveler that was on the meeting point but you didn’t show up. It may be because you were not available or because the traveler did a very last minute booking and you didn’t see it. To avoid such situations to happen, we strongly encourage you to block the day you’re not available or if you know you’ll not be on time for the last minute booking.

To do so, just go on your tour page and click on ‘block events’. There, just click on ‘block’ on a specific schedule and when it appears as ‘click to reopen event’, it means it’s not available for booking anymore. Watch out, you should block for each language of your guruwalk.

Bad review on GuruWalk due to a no-show of the guide.

2. Cancelation review

Imagine you’re a traveler and you got your booking canceled? You may be frustrated or disappointed. And when you receive the automatic email asking for a review, well, you might write something bad.

To avoid such situation, you should always cancel the booking on the platform. This way, our system knows that the tour didn’t happen and will not send an automatic message to invite travelers to write a review. Moreover, our system will send an automatic cancelation email. To do so, you just have to go to ‘Bookings’ and then click on ‘cancel the booking’.

But of course, we also recommend you to cancel in advance, with a private and personal message, explaining why the tour will not happen and offering an alternative to the traveler (another tour before/after, another guru, recommendations etc.).

Bad review on a tour of GuruWalk due to cancelation from the guide.

What do you think about this post? How do you make sure you receive many reviews? Thanks for your comments!

What’s next?

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