Your friends want you to shut up about the Kim K drama… but we want to pay you for it.

We are looking for a Kardashian expert to lead a tour visiting all of Kim’s favorite spots. 

You heard it from Kim herself, “Get your f–ing a*s up and work!” 

Who would have thought that Kim Kardashian would help get you a job?

Unfortunately for most, it’s hard to make a living in these times but before you think about “leaking” a certain tape, consider your options.

The Kardashians thrive at finding the most absurd ways to make money, so why can’t you? You’ve been keeping up with them, you know Kim’s order at HeathNut, all the dirty details of each divorce and you could probably name all 4 of Kim’s kids before you could name your own family members.

⚠️ *Please don’t continue reading if you are Kanye, we know you bought a house across from her after the divorce, you will not be considered for this job*

All you need to do is create a tour of Kim’s favorite spots to frequent, entertain a curious crowd along the way and you’ll be buying your very own BBL in no time. 

Not cut out for the job? That’s okay! Share this with the friend who won’t ever shut up about the Kardashians. This might be a subtle way of saying, “Hey! Stop bothering me with this nonsense news and talk to people who will pay you to listen!”

If you are interested in the position, go ahead and Check us out.. This could be the best collab since Taco Bell and KFC.

You’ll love the job, bible.

The best free tour guides in the world are here 🌍

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