Take the best tour pictures with your smartphone and this tutorial!

80% of travelers booking on GuruWalk say that pictures are a key element to choose among guruwalks of the same city.

Tour pictures are indeed the first thing travellers are looking at. If they like them, they will continue reading the description to know more about your experience.

In this post, we explain you how to take and retouch the best pictures of your guruwalk, without the need for expensive camera, or the service of a photographer. If you want to know more about the types of tour pictures that generate more bookings and have new ideas, we recommend this complementary article.

A guide explaining to travelers during a guruwalk
Retouched picture of a guruwalk

Adjust your camera to get the most of it

To set up your camera like a pro you only have to follow the following steps:

  • Activate the grid. It will allow you to focus your photos much better and take advantage of your smartphone to take good tour pictures.

It’s different for Iphone and Android model:

  • If you have an Iphone, just enter in “Settings” and then “Camera and Photos”. Here you will find the option to activate the grid.
  • With Android you may see a grid symbol below the screen. You just have to press it and it will be activated.

Top Tip: Try to have the center of the travellers’ group in the central square of your screen. This way the picture will be very well focused.

The screen of the camera of a mobile phone
  • Turn off the flash. On all smartphones you will see an icon with a lightning bolt in the upper left corner of your screen. Press on it to deactivate the flash.
  • Change the mode. There are several modes to take the picture but we recommend to activate the “Photo” mode. You will increase much more your camera’s potential and you will get better results.
  • Activate the option to shoot in burst mode. Sometimes, with a single shot, someone in the group may have his/her eyes closed or making an unexpected movement.

Position to take tour pictures

We already put the right settings of the camera. Now we must center the image and have the right position to take the picture.

To do so, hold your smartphone horizontally and as straight as possible.

Holding the camera of a mobile phone to take a picture

Never take pictures above your head, in the case you would like to take more space, and never hold the mobile with strange angles. The best photos are those that are well focused.

Top Tip: If you need to crouch down to make the image focused and centered with all your travellers, do it ! Results will be incredible.

Lighting is the difference of a good picture

Lighting could be called the key to success. It represents the difference for travellers between an attractive picture or an ugly one.

Image of a landscape

Adding brightness makes your tour pictures look more beautiful and attractive to attract the maximum amount of travellers.

To have the perfect lighting, it’s necessary to always take pictures during day-time with the maximum of sunlight. Moreover, there are tricks you can use with your smartphone.

Never take the photo against the light as it will dazzle the camera of your mobile and you will not see the image. Too much light is also a problem, so never take pictures backlighting.

Top Tip: On all smartphones there is the option to touch the screen while taking the picture. Just touch different parts of the screen with the index finger so that the device finds the ideal light. Once found, you can take the perfect picture.

Add filters to create amazing tour pictures

Once you took the tour pictures, we recommend you to use filters to make them more attractive to the traveler.

All smartphones have an option to put different filters to the pictures you took.

You simply have to enter the image you took and go to the filters option. On both Iphone and Android, you find three horizontal stripes with some dots in the middle, which are located at the bottom of your screen.

Dots of a picture parameters

Press it and you can change and retouch your photo quickly, adjust the lighting, the angle, crop the image, …

If you don’t have time for all the details, you can access the automatic retouching, represented with a magic wand icon. If you press the icon, saturation, contrast and exposure of the photo will be adjusted.

Here you can see the difference between two tour pictures.

The first below is a good picture with good quality but is not very bright as it was taken in the afternoon.

But we can fix it and make it better!

A guide explaining on a square in Valencia during a guruwalk
Original picture

We just adjusted it by raising the picture’s brightness and the saturation of colors.

The magic of the filters!

Picture with filter of a guide explaining on a square in valencia during a guruwalk
Retouched picture

Use all of these tips and you’ll get great and incredible pictures for your guruwalk. But the best of all, you’ll be able to increase travellers’ bookings!