You can do the best tour in the world, but if it is not available when travelers want, they will not book it. Discover in this post how to choose the best tour schedule !

Best days of the week

The days that travelers use to book the most are usually on weekends, from Thursday to Sunday. However, if you offer more days, you will have more bookings.

Adapt your tour schedule

  • Other tours in your city. If you are the only one to offer tours on Tuesday, travelers will have no choice but to book your guruwalk if they are in your city only that day.
  • Events of your city. Is there a famous event in your city that attracts many tourists? Maybe it would be interesting to do your tour during a few extra days on this event. 
  • Holiday periods. Easter, Christmas,… Holidays are best moments to travel. Try to identify where your travelers come from and identify these vacation days in their country. If necessary, open one or more days during that period. 

Best hours

There are no secrets, more schedules you offer, more bookings you have. However, the best hours are usually in the morning, between 10:00 and 11:00.

Travelers want to take advantage of the tour to have a quick overview of the city and then decide what to do next. In this case, travelers have not yet walked much and have enough energy to pay attention to your tour, resulting in a better experience and more tips.

Guide explaining something to travelers during a free tour in Barcelona, Spain with GuruWalk.

Forget to do a tour that would start just before or after lunch (between 12:00 and 15:00). Although travelers decide to join, they will not have a good experience because they will be hungry or they will be asleep due to the digestion of their lunch. Of course, if it’s a food tour, it’s the opposite.

The second best time would be after lunch, between 15:00 and 17:00, depending on whether you do the tour in English or Spanish.

  • Think of the nationalities of your travelers. For example, Spaniards usually eat at 14:00 pm while English people eat at 12:00. This difference also impacts the schedule of your guruwalk.
  • Think of the other tours of your city. Try to have a different schedule. Moreover, if you have the same meeting point as another guru, you can put your tour half an hour later to get the travelers who arrived late to the other guru’s tour.
  • Think of what could give value to your tour. For example, in Athens or London, you could start the tour at a certain time to include the changing of the guard.
  • Think about the schedules of the sites of your guruwalk. For example, in Valencia, it’s better to do the tour in the morning because it’s when the central market is open, which is a mandatory stop for travelers. Maybe there are also some churches or monuments that are free to access during a few hours each day. All that adds value to your experience.

Think about the arrival times of travelers

As we said, people usually take the guruwalk as the first activity in the city. Look at the flight / bus / train / cruise schedules arriving in your city, to know when travelers arrive and what destination they come from.

View inside a plane with travelers sitted.

When you have this moment identified, add one or two hours more (to leave them the time to get to your hotel and go to the meeting point) and you have the time of your guruwalk.

For example, in Dubrovnik, several gurus offer their tour very early (07:00 a.m. and 08:45 a.m.). Travelers indeed arrive on cruise ships very early in the morning.

Think of the weather to define the tour schedule

Many gurus adapt their schedule according to the weather of the time of the year. Even if you do the best tour, you will receive less money due to cold or heat.

  • In summer, avoid hot moments. Think of tours that start earlier in the morning and later in the afternoon.
  • In winter, do the opposite. Avoid the coldest moments. Delay your morning tour a little and put your afternoon schedule a little ahead.
A couple protecting themselves from the wind in a winter storm.