Having an amazing tour title is not just an option, it’s necessary if you want to receive lots of bookings. It is indeed the first thing that travelers will read about your experience, so you have to make sure you open their curiosity!

Tour guide in Cambridge with a flag of GuruWalk inviting travelers to join her free walking tour.

What we recommend:

  • Always put the name of your city in the title.
  • Write that it’s a tour. You can use the following terms: free tour, free walking tour, guided tour, tour, walking tour, guruwalk, walk, …
  • The title should be attractive and opens the curiosity of the traveler. You can use superlatives (ex: that you can’t miss, visit, discover, secrets, the best of, wonders of, …).
  • Get inspired by looking at other titles. But do not copy, otherwise you’ll not differentiate your tour from others. What is the most important part of your guruwalk? You can differentiate according to:
    • The neighborhood you show (eg: guided tour of the historic center, tour of the alternative district of Vienna, Florence through its viewpoints, through the Jewish quarter,…).
    • The topic (ex: Food tour, free bike tour, architectural, tour based on Games of Thrones, guided tour of Harry Potter, Renaissance walk,…).
    • The schedule (ex: guruwalk in Valencia by night, tour of the center at 11am, in the morning,…).
    • The duration (eg: the most emblematic of Valencia in 2h30).
    • For the language, only if nobody has put it before in your city.
    • Your profile (ex: city center tour with a local,…).
    • Your approach to doing the tour (the: fun tour of the old town, small group, curiosities and legends,…).
  • Verify the automatic translation of the title into Spanish, even if you don’t speak it, because it will give you much more visibility on the platform!
Travelers laughing on a free walking tour in Barcelona with GuruWalk.

What not to write in your tour title

  • No vague/general titles that don’t give any information about your experience (Ex: the grand tour, a nice tour around the city, an interesting walk, free tour + city,…).
  • Don’t put a brand or your name. It doesn’t add value to the traveler.
  • Don’t write the words all in capital letters.

What’s next?

Do you have the title ready? Then look at this complete post that takes into account all aspects of your tour page that you can improve!