In this post, you will learn the most essential features to correctly use the GuruWalk platform. It’s important that you understand them well because you don’t want to receive any bad reviews from travelers, which will reduce bookings considerably; and if bad reviews continue to happen, we might even have to close your tour. 

At the end of the post, we invite you to participate in a short quiz to know if you were paying attention and have completely understood everything.

Manage my bookings

All bookings made on your tour are always confirmed automatically!

When a traveler makes a booking:

  • An automatic email is sent to the traveler, confirming that the tour will take place. All the details of the booking are sent in this email (name of the tour, date, time, your phone number if you have put it in your profile,…). An automatic reminder is also sent 12 hours before the tour.
  • An automatic email is sent to you with the booking details (traveler’s name, date, time, your telephone number if you have put it in the booking, …).
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You can also see this booking on the platform. When you enter the platform, you just have to click on ‘bookings’ and all your bookings, past, canceled and upcoming, appear.

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Download our app

With the app, you can manage your bookings more easily and you will have instant notifications so you don’t lose any booking or message. Important! You have to log in to the app, otherwise it doesn’t work.

You can download it by clicking here:

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What happens if I can’t do the tour?

As we have told you, bookings are always confirmed. But you may not be available for an event. At GuruWalk, an “event” means a tour in particular (Ex: tour on September 2 at 10:00).

If you can’t do the event, you have to go to your ‘bookings’ and you have 2 options:

  • If you don’t have bookings for this event: block the event.

To do so, you simply have to go to the page of your tour and click on ‘block events’. Don’t click on “Close tour” button! If you click there, you definitively close your entire tour on the platform and all bookings will be canceled!

Part of the tour page of GuruWalk to block events

There you will find all scheduled events. You just have to click on “click to close event” and the tour will no longer be available to book. Watch out, you have to do it for every language of your tour!

Part of the GuruWalk's platform to block events.
  • If you have bookings for this event: modify the booking’s schedule + block the event.

By choosing to cancel, you may cause or create a negative experience for the traveler. Therefore, whenever possible, if you can avoid cancelling and anticipate changes, the better off you’ll be! In addition, the cancellation rate is one of the ranking factors of your tour on the page of your city. The more cancellations and the closer it is to the date of the booking, the worse position you will have and the less bookings you will receive.

For this reason, we always recommend modifying the booking’s schedule instead of canceling it. We explain it in details in this post.

It’s important to modify it in our system, otherwise we will send an automatic reminder email with wrong information and it can confuse the traveler.

  • If you can’t modify the booking: cancel the event in the system + block the event.

To cancel the tour, it’s important to do it on the platform system. This way we send an automatic cancellation email to the travelers. If you don’t do it, our system will think that the traveler has attended the tour and send up to 3 automatic emails asking to write a review about your experience. Of course, if the booking has been canceled, the traveler could write something bad…

You can cancel directly in ‘Bookings’. When you click on “Cancel this booking”, you will have to write a message to the traveler explaining why the booking has been canceled and give alternatives. Then do not forget to block the event so that you don’t get any new bookings for that event!

Part of the GuruWalk Platform to cancel the tour.
Travelers can book until the last minute before the tour. If you decide not to go on the tour, because you have not received bookings for example, it’s important to always block the event in advance. Otherwise the traveler will be waiting for you…

Manage my messages

Travelers can send you a message through the platform if they have any questions or concerns.

It’s very important to always answer and to do so as soon as possible.

Response rate is one of the ranking factors of the tour and a better position will ensure you more bookings. Even if the traveler is not asking you something or even if you still don’t know what to answer, it’s important to tell travelers that you have seen their messages. Otherwise, they could come to complain to us.

On the platform, in ‘Messages’, you have all the messages exchanged with travelers. In addition, we send you an email every time a traveler sends you a message.

Part of the GuruWalk platform

Watch out! When you receive an email with a traveler’s message, it’s important to click on the “send a message to …” button to reply. Never reply directly to the email. Otherwise your message will not be sent and won’t be seen.

Quiz time!

Time to play! So you believe you’re now a true master at using the platform? Then try to answer these 5 answers! Start the quiz here! 🙂