More than 450,000 people have already taken a free walking tour with GuruWalk in more than 100 countries. We now give you the main reasons that motivated them to book free walking tours in our community of passionate guides ?

1. It’s an affordable option ?

You are free to give what you want at the end of the visit according to your satisfaction and budget. It allows anyone to join with no risk and have access to a cultural experience, in order to understand each other better and achieve a more open, respectful and tolerant world.

2. You optimize your time ⏱

In a few hours, you learn about and see the most important things in the city and you get many ideas on what to do during your stay. You no longer need to plan your trip. Moreover, booking is free, fast and flexible. You can book up until the last minute and cancel whenever you want.

3. You enjoy entertaining and quality tours ?

Since nothing has to be paid in advance, tour guides strive to create an unforgettable and fun tour every time. This quality is reflected in the reviews left by other travelers, and we give tons of support to our gurus by providing them practical tips and personalized coaching.

4. You support free tour guides ?

GuruWalk frees tour guides, in the sense that they are free to work when, how and where they want, without relying exclusively on a tour agency. When you book a tour on GuruWalk, you directly support the guide and his/her family.

5. You know the city like a local ?

You discover your destination through the eyes of the guide, with information about the lifestyle and local customs and with recommendations to avoid tourist traps. It allows you to enjoy a more human experience, be better integrated with your destination and to travel with more meaning.

6. There are more and more themed tours ?

Today, the offer for free walking tours you can book is expanding with tours based on what the guides know best, which always generates unique, personal and original experiences such as a Harry Potter tour in London or one about the forgotten female figures of Madrid.

Travelers taking a group picture in front of the Colosseum during a free walking tour in Rome.

7. It’s healthy and sustainable ?‍♂

We almost forgot it, but on almost all of our free walking tours, travelers discover the city by foot, without using polluting vehicles. In addition, walking several kilometers like this is a very healthy activity and it’s accessible to all ages.

8. You count on a global community ?

If you go on a trip, it’s very probable that we have a free walking tour for you there. As you can see here, our community of more than 2000 passionate guides is present in more than 100 countries, and we continue to grow and reach new destinations on a daily basis.

9. You make new friends ?‍♀

The tour guides become your local friend, helping you before, during and after the tour and answering your doubts and questions. Furthermore, you can meet other travelers during the tour and create new friendships during your stay.

Our goal ?

We work hard to be the world’s leading free walking tour platform, but we want to achieve something bigger. We believe that traveling must be an experience about discovery and at the same time give you the opportunity to learn while opening your mind to other cultures.

Thanks to our growing family of travelers and guides, we hope to build a kinder, more empathetic world. Will you join us in this challenge? ?

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Travelers saying hello on a selfie taken during a free walking tour in Asia.