Free walking tours in Bogotá


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Best things to do and see in Bogotá

Bogotá is one of the cities that can most surprise tourists and travelers who decide to visit the capital of Colombia. It is said to be the equivalent of what Athens is for Europe, being also nicknamed the City of Music and a true paradise for those who value good gastronomy within a trip. Along with Medellín, Cali and Cartagena are the two cities in the country that attract the most tourists during the year.

In a free walking tour in Bogotá you will see many things but we advise you to include in your route the climb to the Cerro de Montserrate, which you miss through the alleys of the Historical Center, that you let yourself be impressed by the urban art of La Candelaria, that you dedicate a while museums (Gold Museum, Botero Museum ...), that you know the symbolism of the Park of the Journalists or that you go for the Zone T. If you have decided to take a guided tour through Bogota, you can find different alternatives. From tours that focus on making a summary of 3 hours from the most important places in the city to guided tours more thematic and focused on specific neighborhoods.

In any case, whatever you choose, being able to visit a site like this with a local guide will provide you with a large amount of information that you can hardly acquire in any other way. You can look at the opinions and evaluations of Bogotá tours as well as their gurus by walkers who have already done a free tour in this city.