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The riddles of Burgos Cathedral.

4.9(33) Ratings

The riddles of Burgos Cathedral.
Guru: Javier
Days: Saturday
Hours: 17:30
Languages: Spanish
Duration: 2 hours
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Burgos belongs to the community of Castilla y Leon and was its capital for five centuries in the Middle Age. Thanks to this period of splendor for so long, preserves monuments, castles, and squares that are a real wonder. The city was founded in the year 884 and it was not until 930 when it was proclaimed capital. Burgos is bathed by the Arlanzón River, where a genius and lung of the city has been created, the Paseo de la Isla, a site that should be visited for its botanical variety and its idyllic feel for lovers.

A free tour of Burgos will teach you everything you need to know, there are guided tours every day and in any language so you will live a unique experience where you can learn about its most emblematic monuments such as the Castle of Burgos with its viewpoint It offers a spectacular view of the city, the Church of San Esteban, the Church of San Nicolás de Bari, the Arco de Santa María, the Plaza de la Libertad where we find the famous Casa del Cordón, the Altarpiece Museum or one of the walks most important of the peninsula, the Paseo del Espolón.

The free walking tours are not just a tour of the city but they try to learn in a fun way and recommend all the places you can visit but also where you can taste the gastronomy of the city or even where the best areas of the city are. In Burgos, they will teach you where to go to eat their best "pintxos" and thanks to all the opinions of former travelers you can choose a guru to discover this wonderful city. Are you going to miss it? The reservation is free and when you finish the tour you can choose the price based on your experience. If Burgos loved you, you can take the free tours of León, Segovia or Ávila.

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