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About Denver

The United States has some of the most interesting tourist destinations in the world, both natural and bustling cities, with a strong personality and a completely genuine character. The capital of the State of Colorado, known for its height with the nickname "Mile-High City" is an example. Sunny Denver is located along the South Platte River, along a large valley that unfolds over the Front Mountain Range in the well-known mountain formation of Las Rocosas, a famous holiday destination in the country for skiing.

Despite not being one of the most populated cities in the country, it has an interesting cultural offer, with a large number of museums, buildings of great interest and a large number of places where you can enjoy leisure and the recommended cuisine, to Mainly based on elk meat, bison, calves or quail. Dishes such as "Green Chili Smothered Burritos" or "Rocky Mountain Oysters" are some of the most typical and recommended. It's American corner has an important tourist offer, both of picturesque places, as well as leisure and cultural activities. The best way to approach these sites by joining one of the free walking tours in Denver, a simple and economical way to discover places like the beautiful Botanical Gardens, the Museum of Nature and Science or the Museum of Art, with about seventy A thousand works in his collection.

Visiting this city implies getting close to Red Rocks Park, Four Mile Historical Park, and the obligatory Rocky Mountain National Park, perfect for doing some of its recommended hiking, climbing and admiring routes around the impressive places around it. Shopping around this town involves touring Cherry Creek, a commercial area full of shops, fashion boutiques, art galleries and a large number of restaurants. Finishing the day watching a baseball game at the Denver’s Coors Fielden and approaching Lower Downtown to enjoy some of its typical craft beers, is the best plan to complete the visit to this recommended city.

This area of ​​the United States is really attractive for travelers who wish to travel the country visiting their most important cities; The free tour in Denver is an excellent option for tourists who want to enjoy the essential places in the city and its surroundings, natural places of great beauty.