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Soy Zhana, tengo 26 años y soy de Georgia. Estoy interesada en el emprendimiento social y me encanta conocer viajeros, por lo que combiné estas dos cosas y fundé Gori Walking Tour para crear un impacto social en mi comunidad y, mientras tanto, ofrecer una experiencia completa a los viajeros. Mi trabajo me hace feliz, ya que es realmente gratificante. He viajado a varios países de la UE y ahora deseo traer parte de Europa a mi pequeña ciudad natal, conocida como el lugar de nacimiento del dictador soviético Stalin. Mi objetivo es dirigir una exitosa compañía de turismo y promover mi país, pero lo más importante, mi ciudad natal. Me apasiona mucho seguir mi sueño.

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21 May 2024 Breda
Reserva verificada
Viajó en grupo - May 2024

Zhana was a perfect guide. She told us a lot about current Georgian political issues and also about the history of Georgia and Gori. She showed us some very interesting sites in Gori.

12 May 2024 París
Reserva verificada
Viajó en pareja - May 2024

Zhana is clearly very knowledgeable and passionate about her city and her country. Through her tour, we are able to learn more about Gori and Georgia, things that we probably wouldn’t know if she didn’t join her tour! We highly recommend her!

09 Mar 2024 Exeter
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Viajó solo - Mar 2024

The tour was a great experience for me to see Gori in a different way than just a museum. My tour guide Zhana was very informative about the history of Georgia and Gori. She made sure I got many photos from the experience and made me feel at ease. I would 100 percent recommend this tour for anyone who is in Gori and would like to know more about the city. Madloba!

13 Dec 2023 Malmö
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Viajó en pareja - Dec 2023

I highly recommend a tour of Gori with Zhana, very informative and insightful. Just like all other georgians shes very helpful about stuff that arent a part of the tour itself, i.e places she suggest one should visit in georgis Thanks a lot Zhana. /Your friends from Sweden

Damini Dora
08 Nov 2023 Budapest
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Viajó en pareja - Nov 2023

The tour was really nice and informational. I honestly don’t think you would get the city on your own there is so much in the town other than the museum. I highly recommend the tour to everyone!

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