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Hello everyone! I am Magda, I am a biomedical scientist and I like to travel and meet new people all around the globe.

When there is no time for traveling, I try to be a kind of traveler in my own city. Many of us know the fact "Tourist in my own city". Well I am one of those "weird" persons.

Well what else you should know about me is that on my free time I like playing my guitar, listening music, wandering in Athens, seeking new street art masterpieces, discovering new hidden places and panoramic viewpoints, dancing and taking shots of urban life. Let me think what else? Oh yes, I am a nature lover as much as an urban lover too.

Let me show you my beautiful city and all the hidden gems that only locals (and sometimes not even all locals) know.. Lets be athenian travellers... Come, see and enjoy...

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2 días atrás

Fantastic tour! It felt more like hanging out with a new friend, only this friend is really knowledgeable about street art. I would totally recommend this tour.



6 días atrás

Magda has the quality of what you expect from street art guide. She loves what she does and she does it right. Highly recommended



9 días atrás

Magda was a great tour guide and informed our small group of information about the street art and the neighborhood history. It was a wonderful experience walking around a neighborhood and seeing all the amazing works that I never would have been able to find on my own. Magda has a fun personality and was able to make the tour customized to the people there. Can’t recommend enough and definitely a unique experience!