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muy buenas a todos, me llamo Rafa y soy un Guia de Turismo de mi ciudad: Napoli.

vengan a descubrir la unicidad de esta capital del sur del mundo de la manera mas sencilla: junto a un lugareno!

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3 hours ago

This tour is the perfect introduction to your vacation in Napoli. The guide provides a lot of interesting facts about the history and the modern-day life of the city; more than other tours that I have been to. Most importantly, he is able to transmit his love for the city and he engages you in the daily life of the Neapolitans.

I would recommend it 100%.



6 days ago

Great tour with Claudia! Amazing guide with a lot of inside stories. Perfect introduction to the city of Naples!



16 days ago

Marco was an excellent guide. Very informative, calm, considerate and knowledgeable. His service was beyond our expectations as was the walk we discovered new things and a whole new area. Highly recommend a tour with Marco