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Soy Nikos, un placer conocerte! He estado viviendo en Atenas por más de 10 años. He trabajado como fotógrafo y me encantaría compartir algunos consejos y trucos contigo, para que puedas aprender a capturar imágenes inolvidables de tus viajes.

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German russo 3 meses

Nikos was very polite and knowledgeable about taking photos with a profesional cámara, he gave me some very good tips of how to use my iPhone in a better way to get beautiful photos.

Zareef.anam28@gmail.com 3 meses

Got a really good private tour. Have been a photography hobbyist for some time but learned a great from Nikolas on understanding the process I follow, what I like/dislike, how to improve and find inspiration. Thoroughly recommended.

Michal 4 meses

great tour with a good guide at the beautiful streets of Athens.

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Christiaan 4 meses

It was a private tour and Nikos patiently explained a few concepts of taking photos. Also gave me some very insightful perspectives how to take pictures and what the function of a photograph should be. If you have time, definitely try it out!

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Thank you for your review! I'm looking forward to see your new photos!
Lene 8 meses

Great tour. The first thing Nikos said was: Photography is about controlling the light. Nikos knows everything about photography and he is very good at explaining it also - and making people feel comfortable even if they don't know much. I had a wonderful time learning how to see the good pictures and a lot about contrast, light, motifs, how to focus and much more. As I was the only one on this walk Nikos explained everything very thoroughly as we walked for two hours. I also saw some very nice spots that I wouldn't have seen if I had not taken the tour with Nikos. I highly recommend Nikos for a photography walk in Athens. He is a good teacher and guide and for people without much knowledge he is super, and I think he will be as super for people who knows a lot about photography, too.

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Thank you for your feedback. It was great meeting you!

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