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Mi nombre es Mohamed Dawood Trabajo en el British Council De lo contrario, me gusta acoger y guiar turistas por eso estudié orientación durante 9 meses para poder hacerlo de una buena manera con conocimientos. Han pasado casi 3 años y medio desde que ' Empecé a recibir y guiar turistas en El Cairo.

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16 Jan 2023 Valencia
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Viajó en pareja - Jan 2023

My partner and I, really enjoyed this Giza tour. He not only told us about the history of the place but he also took us amazing photos. We ended up being only the 2 of us so he made us feel very special. Very recommended!

06 Jan 2023 Seattle
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Viajó solo - Jan 2023

Mohammed is a wealth of knowledge. It gets a bit overwhelming sometimes. He was enthusiastic, friendly and did a good job. There are some things i wanted to mention. I came as a solo female. There were some comments made where i felt uncomfortable. There was a certain point in the tour where i asked is this "screen" normal nowadays as women hiding behind so they can't be seen. "He indicated not so much but it is traditional. For example, if you were my wife and my friend came over. I would not want him seeing my wife." Comments like this just made me feel weird. Additionally, i have many friends in cairo that informed me of the standard tip based system with guruwalk. All throughout europe i have used guruwalk and often tip 5-10 euros and never been a problem. I asked friends what is normal and they indicated for a good tour 50-150 egp if really good you can give 200 egp. But not for something like a museum as it is only knowledge based. Not like he is providing me a service. Things like luxor, abu simbel temples those things are normal for this kind of tip. I gave him 140egp tip after pushing and he indicated this is very little and wanted money in dollars. He then requested 25 euros for a tip. Never have i paid so much in guruwalk for a ONE museum tour. He then continued with haggling and indicated his ticket cost his uber cost and more. I'm not here to cover your uber or extra charges to get here. If you would like to be covered for all this he needs to work for an official tour company. Viator, get your guide etc all have official tours people pay $30+ for , not a company that budget travelers use for free tours. I felt pushed. 140egp is a great tip still. I didn't like our encounter. As a solo female i do not encourage him. Just keep this in mind based on how many people you come with. Nontheless of our encounter, hagglinf and cheating is common in egypt. Proceed with caution. He is a wealth of knowledge despite this all.

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I spent 3 hours guiding you and sharing information about every single piece inside and outside the museum except the mommies rooms (as guiding is not allowed there)... I was sharing even information related to the Egyptian museum, the Giza pyramids area and Saqarra too and the I ended by getting paid $6 besides that you complain. When I shared how much I paid for Uber and tickets I wanted to show and clarify to you that what you pay is EXTREMELY less than the fair price and I didn't at all insist on specific price and till I took the $6 from you I was totally respecting you and talking in nice way while you didn't. I Paid 85 egp. for coming to the museum. I paid 60 egp. for tickets. I paid 85 to get back from the museum. The examples that I was mentioning " for Arab men, if your my wife, sister or mother etc..." it was information shared when I was identifying what's the meaning of the "Mashrabya" and what was its usage in houses of Muslims and mosques during the Era Islamic Cairo You wanted to pay 50 egp. and I brought you attention that's not fair price and I told you what are the normal prices and I'm still advising you to ask any tour guide or search on the internet. Unfortunately I didn't only lost money being guiding you but I lost time too and besides that what I've done is not appreciated and even not respected and I end up get paid $6 from you. I remember myself saying to you that I had a tour tomorrow because you have mentioned that you booked with another tour guide but he canceled then I said "I got a tour tomorrow and you can join if you want " (I just told you that once and never again) besides that I went extra mile pretty much and shared tons of information about the pyramids and giving you so many examples that are not related to the museum. (if I want to sell you some tours I wouldn't share too much information about) Thanks God that you admitted that I'm wealth of knowledge.
10 Dec 2022 Los Ángeles
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An absolutely amazing guide, highly entertaining & with tons of information but with the good sense not to overload either. An amazing photographer too. You're very lucky if you get to go with him!

02 Dec 2022 Grenoble
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02 Dec 2022 Barcelona
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Great tour.

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