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Sightseeing may be interesting only for the first time. What's then? Don't you want to see the other side of Saint Petersburg with all those legends and extraordinary ordinary life?

I spent time searching for the most interesting and unusual walking routes that show the City as it is. Then, I checked them, add some points. After I tried them on my friends. They gave me their feedbacks and I corrected these routes. So now I have what I have! Do you want to extend boundaries of learning the city of Saint Petersburg? Join me!

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14 días atrás

Great tour! Guide had execellent English, was interesting and engaging.


Respuesta de Katerina:

Thanx! That was pleasure for me to spend time with you!

A Goel

19 días atrás

Katerina walked us through that part of St Petersburg which is not accessed by tourists in the usual course. Apart from Dostoyevsky story and characters, she described the history and urban legends of the city.



hace 2 meses

Guru did not show up or answer phone :/.