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Hola, mi nombre es Olivera y soy un viajero apasionado y un guía turístico licenciado con 12 años de experiencia como guía en diferentes países. También disfruto mucho de Belgrado, mi ciudad natal, ya que es muy dinámica y está llena de lugares escondidos, incluso para los lugareños.

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Opiniones (84)

18 May 2024 Tilburgo
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Viajó en pareja - May 2024

18 May 2024 Varsovia
Reserva verificada
Viajó solo - May 2024

Good tour if you would like to see something else than the major tourist attractions in the city and if you are interested in art & culture.

28 Apr 2024 Saskatoon
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Viajó en pareja - Apr 2024

Fun informative tour. Olivera showed us many styles of street art and provided good stories and background information. Far different from all the other tours offered in Belgrade. Recommended!

10 Feb 2024
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Viajó en pareja - Jan 2024

Great tour. Found out a lot new places to hang out and enjoyed the graffiti and the stories behind 😎 Thanks!

10 Feb 2024 Belgrado
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Viajó solo - Feb 2024

The tour guide i had was called Olivera. She was interactive and asked about the group, and asked me what i was doing in Belgrade, (Serbia) to which i responded traveling round Europe for the year. However all i had was a 1000 dinar note, and it was a good tour don't get me wrong but not worth that with the lack of detail. So i asked for change and she mentioned how she gets taxed on tips and expected the whole 1000 dinar. Of course i said no and she then said she only had 400 change which was false as she was just handed tips from other guests. It was not worth arguing about but id like to share she is dishonest in this respect so make sure you don't ask her for change. Left a bad taste to the end of the tour.

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Opiniones (84)