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Mi nombre es Juan . Tengo 26 años ,estudié turismo por que me gusta mucho la cultura, historia y muchas cosas más de mi país Bolivia, ya que tenemos mucha diversidad. Me gusta viajar mucho ,salir en bici,y las mascotas. Como guía llevo mostrando mi país por 5 años, me gusta mucho compartir mi cultura ,tradiciones, y las costumbres de La Paz con personas que estén interesados en conocer Bolivia.

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5 months ago

Great tour, one of the best during our 4 weeks South America trip! Juan was fantastic guide, lot of interesting informations with plenty of acknowledge rgd history and Bolivian lifestyle. Totally recommended!


Canny Tan

5 months ago

Juan didn't even showed up that I had to WhatsApp him and he only replied at with a "Sori". When I pressed further if he is coming, Juan replied at saying that there is another company called Hannapacha and asked me to go with them! It was so embarrassing as I had also introduced that walk to another 2 friends and he wasted almost a good 30 minutes of our time! I still have the entire WhatsApp chat as prove.



6 months ago

Juan was very knowledgable and engaging. I enjoyed the walking tour with him.