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Soy Seldan, un guía turístico de Albania. He visitado 17 países en Europa, y me parece realmente genial ofrecer free tours. Realmente amo a Albania y quiero que los visitantes se sientan como locales. Espero conocerte pronto!

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5 months ago

Great tour showing all the sites and history of the town, thank you for showing us around!



7 months ago

Erion substituted Seldan as my guide on this occasion and he, being a youthful university medical student, was able to give me a thought-provoking young person’s overview of life in contemporary Albania, besides conveying the historical context of Communism under the dictatorship of Enver Hoxha. What I most enjoyed was learning about Albania, past and present, from the perspective of a young person. The narrative concerning the Hoxha tyranny was enlivened by personal and anecdotal accounts, supported by first-hand knowledge of events passed down through family generations. Overall, I was left with a better understanding of the many legacies of Communism on Albanian society, while at the same time learning about the challenges facing Albania in the 21st century, particularly the matters of contention affecting the iGeneration. Thank you, Erion.



8 months ago

We really enjoyed our tour with Seldan. It was filled with interesting information, both on the history of Durres and the whole country, as well as its current situation and culture. It definitely got us hooked on Albania. Recommended! :)