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Soy Natalia, una Paisa de Medellín, llena de orgullo por mi ciudad y su transformación, me encanta caminar y conocer nuevos lugares, por eso soy la guía perfecta para tu tour. Soy feliz de poder mostrarte mi ciudad. Bienvenid@!

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Martin más de 1 año

Natalia arrived 30 minutes late and ended half hour early. There wasn't much substance to this so-called tour. Some people preferred to disappear.

Christina más de 1 año

It seems like, the guide doesn't have much experience in how to do a tour. So for that it was OK. I would recommend her to choose 4 or 5 main spots to go to. Go there and wait until everyone is together, then explain everything and not just walking around randomly and tell things while walking. It's really hard to follow then. Practice more and then you will get better :)

Opiniones (2)