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Oaxaca Free Walking Tour

The Original Walking Tour in Oaxaca! we are a group local people providing free tours in Oaxaca join us and have a great experience.

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Danlsh iqbal 19 días

Amazing tour guide

Jonathon Gillenwater 20 días

Great tour! I would definitely recommend this to anyone visiting Oaxaca. The guide was very friendly and knowledgeable. It is a great way to get acquainted with the city.

Daniel Greenberg 25 días

Amazing tour. We’ve done many walking tours around the world and I would say this was the most engaging and informative! Our tour guide was super friendly and provided great tips and knowledge about the city of Oaxaca. He is from the area and provided great insights not only about the fun history tid bits, but also about the local protests, street art, and culture that is controversial. Thanks so much for a great experience during these tough times!

Monica Hui 29 días

Totally worth it! Raul was informative and attentative to any questions or requests we had. My favorite aspect of the tour was the recommendations of places to enjoy some of Oaxaca's best wares and comestibles.

Dominic Wong 30 días

Great tour! Guide was very knowledgeable and gave us many recommendations to explore after. Learned a lot about the history of Oaxaca abs Mexico. She brought us to some inauguration of places which gave a great local experience. Highly recommend.

Opiniones (46)