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Oaxaca Free Walking Tour

The Original Walking Tour in Oaxaca! we are a group local people providing free tours in Oaxaca join us and have a great experience.

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Anna Maria Gruber 14/07/2021

Sam Swerdlen 05/07/2021

What a great tour of parts if the city we may not have known to venture to. Lots of great info beyond the usual city tours. Raul was a great guide and took us to places we will definitely return to on the visit! Muchimas gracias!

Oaxaca Free Walking Tour Tip based tour 25/06/2021

Michael Freese 15/06/2021

Nice tour (we have been 13 turists), the Guru could have choosen a better place to start. We gathered at a corner where the traffic was really frequent and loud. The Guru could also use some minutes to ask the people where they are from (and even the names - to make it more personal!) I think the perfect place to start is the main church also because everybody knows where it is it is much more quite. The tour itself was nice and we saw a lot of local work (fabric, chocolate, art) and local markets. Thank you, we are glad that we joined :)

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Hi Michael. Thank you so much for the time you took to write such a detailed review, we are working very hard every day to improve our service so thank you for all your advice we really appreciate it. Sincerely Oaxaca Free Walking Tour Team.
ezra 19/05/2021

Respuesta de Oaxaca Free Walking Tour
Thank you for the 5 stars we really appreciate it.

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Opiniones (55)