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Soy un alma creativa, escritora, anfitriona, maestra, aprendiz, voluntaria en un campo social y mucho más que puede contener una sola persona. Me encanta hacer reír a los demás, ¡así que nunca te aburrirás conmigo! PD: Espero conocerte pronto;)

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Opiniones (13)

26 Mar 2024 Odense
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Viajó en grupo - Mar 2024

Bohdana was not a good tour guide. She came 10 minutes late, because she had to buy a drink first, and ended 10 minutes early because she rushed the tour and clearly wanted to get it over with as quickly as possible. She provided very little interesting information and focussed a lot on dates and who created buildings. There was not a single interesting story or anecdote. To top it off, she insisted that we had to pay at least 10 euro per person. Considering the tour only lasted about 40 minutes with mainly walking and a jumble of dates and names, it was a complete waste of time.

15 Jan 2024 Buenos Aires
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Viajó en pareja - Jan 2024

Very good tour!

10 Jan 2024 Rochester
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Viajó solo - Jan 2024

10 Jan 2024 Praga
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Viajó solo - Jan 2024

Bohdana was very knowledgeable and had a good sense of humor. I highly recommend her tour.

20 Dec 2023 Buxtehude
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Viajó en pareja - Dec 2023

Respuesta de Bohdana
Dear Steffen, Thank you for your review and for your wonderful company! It‘s such a pity that you were 20 min late, that‘s why we couldn’t visit all the places! Despite that fact, I spent 20 min more of my time with you to show some beautiful places. But I guess, you expect more from pretty Leipzig that it can offer you…probably you should travel to some other countries….oh I forgot your fee was 10 € for 1 hour and a half tour…so I assume you prefer the private professional full of talks tours that costs from 74 € pro person. The tour that you wanted is probably in that category, so the next time think twice, alright? Too bad that you didn’t the tour because I wasn’t your personal clown, I really did my best! Have a great day! Kind regards

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Opiniones (13)