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Comenzando con mi nombre, Hesham, y basándose en un rico tapiz de 12 años como guía turístico experimentado, mi firme compromiso se dedica a elaborar un viaje cautivador a través de las profundidades de mi cultura e historia para mis estimados huéspedes. Impulsado por una pasión inquebrantable por el patrimonio y la cultura, respaldada por una sólida formación en lengua y literatura, me enorgullezco de ser un narrador distinguido y experto, que organiza una experiencia que es a la vez enriquecedora y cautivadora para quienes han sido confiados a mi guía.

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Opiniones (178)

31 May 2024 Londres
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Viajó solo - May 2024

It was fun, exotic and real life experience at Dubai old city. Hesham get informed you not only history, local people life styles but also Middle East culture . I really recommend his local tour. Remember to take your sunglasses and enjoy the old city. Best, N

26 May 2024 Melbourne
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Viajó en pareja - Feb 2024

Hesham was excellent. He was well informed and very engaging. We had a wonderful time visiting all the sites and listening to the stories about Dubai life. We learnt so much about the culture and history of Dubai. We highly recommend him.

25 May 2024 Sídney
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Viajó solo - Mar 2024

I found the tour very informative and enjoyable. It was enlightening about the culture and customs of the locals. The Old Town architecture was fascinating to me. We sampled some local street food then hopped on an abra for a quick journey across Dubai Creek seeing the other forms of water transport along the way. The spice shop was a dazzling display and they exhibited various spices & the menthol demonstration really cleared out the sinuses! The tour finished at the Gold Souk with amazing shopfront displays of Arabic and Indian jewellery. I appreciated the guide Hesham’s efforts to impart knowledge of the lives and customs of the local people. Five stars!

22 May 2024 Sídney
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Viajó en pareja - May 2024

We thoroughly enjoyed our morning tour with Hesham. He provided a lot of information on the history, customs and everyday life of Dubai in an easily digestible way and fun way. Very highly recommended,

21 May 2024 Brisbane
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Viajó en grupo - Jan 2024

An absolute must tour to do..!!!! Hesham is Highly knowledgeable, offers extensive information over many topics.. Hesham is an amazing guide in every aspect. We saw and learnt more in a few hours than we could ever hoped for.. Do yourself a favour and book this tour and don’t waste your time looking for any other.

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Opiniones (178)