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Casablanca walking discovery tour

Tu guru: Chakib
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  • Casablanca
  • Disponible en: Inglés, Francés

Sobre el guru Chakib

Hi , My name is Chakib Elaasemy, I am a student of Automotive Research and Engineering Center in Casablanca Morocco, I am passionate about learning languages, and I'm also interested in culture,

Hi , My name is Chakib Elaasemy, I am a student of Automotive Research and Engineering Center in Casablanca Morocco, I am passionate about learning languages, and I'm also interested in culture,

Sobre el tour

I can show you:

- Hassan II Mosque

- Old Medina

- Anfa Place Beach / Shopping Center

- Morocco Mall

- Ain Diab

- Habous

- Mahkama du Pacha

- Churches

And any place you wish to visit in the city.

I will provide translation (Arabic, frensh, Moroccan dialect)

I will prevent any kind of scam and theft.

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Como encontrarme: casa port the train station

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Opiniones (21)


Ammar Damer

2 días atrás

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Respuesta de Chakib:

Thank you so much for your genuine support, you were an amazing person and the best out of that group.


3 días atrás

We felt like we had a different person to the reviews as our guide didn't seem to know anything about the city and we left the tour early feeling like we had wasted an hour. he hardly spoke so i don't know how he was making jokes with other people. he said he does these tours infrequently so who are all the people who have reviewed recently? he spoke more about not wanting to pay taxes as an official than history and repeatedly told us to tell the police we were his friends if questioned. thats about all we got out of him. very confused and dissapointed. an example of one of the two facts he did give us was that casablanca was founded by the romans in the 15th century which is not true. absolutely awful. either he's writing his own reviews or we had a different person.

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Respuesta de Chakib:

Thank for expressing yourself, i would like to tell you that most tour guides here are not pros because booking a tour with a pro would cost you a fortune, I have started this recently I shouldnt be that know it all kinda guy, also i was making jokes only with nice people I tried to simplify everything for you but It seems like you were trying to test me more than enjoying the tour itself, concerning the reviews, you can always take a look at the pictures I took with the tourists and they were all genuine and sincere ones. since you questioned the fact that I asked you to say that we were friends I did that because I am not Pro and I dont have a liscence to do group tours. Moreover, 15th century answer was referred to the roads and buildings in some places but you took it wrong to use it against me, just because you dont like Islam and Muslims ( as the other tourist suspected you ) wouldnt make you say stuff like that, I appreciate your honesty but please open your mind and see the world without any preconceptions and assumptions. Best regards Chakib

Jasmine baldacci

5 días atrás

We found the tour very rewarding. being experienced travellers we appreciated that the information given was not superficial, or directed to people who have little background information. chakib is clever and witty. in addition he gave us some good pointers regarding restaurants and programs



5 días atrás

The tour was fantastic. we liked it very much, the content very interesting. we learned a lot, everything was very dynamic and we had a great time. i always looked for a shadow so i would not be in the sun for a long time. at the end of the tour he gave us some very good advice; ice cream shops, restaurants, etc. we highly recommend it.



8 días atrás



10 días atrás

Chak est très compétent et son tour est un excellent mélange d’histoire et des commentaires actuels sur casablanca et le maroc en général. il fait revivre l'histoire à travers des histoires, pas seulement des faits secs (qui sont également inclus)



12 días atrás

Chakib is amazing tour guide , our excursion was like 4 hours long , but we absolutely didn't get tired, it was so interesting and informative ! casablanca is a magnificent city, and chakib knows everything about it , historical facts and also funny stories, so we were not bored even for a second :) such a pleasant and professional person! , he will show you casablanca in all it's best :)

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13 días atrás

Fun tour! he was very knowledgeable about casablanca fascinating history. he kept me engaged and curious the entire time. he's a nice person and took care of me the entire time.



14 días atrás

Chakib is really knowledgeable about everything in casablanca . he's happy to chat about life for the locals too. i thoroughly recommend going on his tour!



14 días atrás

My family loved the tour! chakib is very knowledgeable and interesting, bringing the history of casablanca to life and showing us things we would have never discovered on our own. he is also an all around great guy. highly recommend the tour!



14 días atrás

Great tour!!! wonderful history of casablanca.



14 días atrás

Great tour. we have done free walking tours all over europe , and this was the best we have done. chakib was very friendly and full of information, and happy to take our group even though we were the only people who showed up on the day.



14 días atrás

Une visite super complète! beaucoup d'histoire et beaucoup de réalité.

un traitement très proche et agréable. super agréable les heures que nous avons passées avec lui!

100% recommandé!



14 días atrás

Excellent tour chakib was very helpful and he explained a ton of interesting facts about casablanca, he is really professional guide, he has a lot of information about historical places . if you had the chance, you should go with him

it was a great tour, the perfect amount of time, we saw and learnt a lot of interesting things, i recommend! thank you very much! :)



16 días atrás

Great tour. where do i start, good communication, we agreed a meet up spot, chakib was on time and very friendly. he took me to see the interesting sites in casablanca, and he explained the different places and i took loads of photos. chakib’s english was good and we had good long chats about many aspects of casablanca and morocco. highly recommended.



hace 1 mes

Great tour. chakib is friendly and highly responsive although the tour isn't super structured. he is very knowledgeable but ultimately gurus are not professional guides so they won't be able to explain everything.



hace 1 mes

Chakrib is highly responsive to our whatsapp messages and was on time to meet us. we traveled from the us and had one day in casablanca. he is kind, accommodating and pretty knowledgeable about casablanca. the tour is somewhat unstructured so be sure to tell him what you want to see and he will take care of the rest. also make sure you see the hassan mosque on time to get the tour inside. other than that, taxis are hard to come by if you have more than two people. fun day tour nevertheless just be open to going with the flow sometime.



hace 2 meses



hace 2 meses

Bon guide! personne sympathique.



hace 3 meses

J'ai vraiment apprécié, chakib a eu un talent de rendre l'histoire vraiment amusante et intéressante, merci



hace 3 meses

Very interesting experience

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