Karl Marx Walk in Brussels

We'll walk around all the important places in the center of Brussels where Karl Marx and his friend Friedrich Engels wrote, discussed, drank... and were imprisoned!

Marx lived from 1845 to 1848 in Brussels. It was a very important period in his intellectual development during which he worked out and published his philosophical worldviews. It is also the period in which he decisively orientated towards the nascent worker's movement. He started organizing workers and connected himself with the international workers' movement. He took the task upon himself to arm the workers with a scientific socialist analysis. In order to win this ideological struggle, he got involved in polemics with the most important leaders of the working class at that time, first and foremost with Proudhon. The Communist Manifesto, written on demand of the Communist League, is also written during that period, and testifies of the impact his though already had at the time.

The walk will take a little 2h, after which we'll go for a drink.

The walk is free, just let us know if you're interested to join!

Punto de encuentro
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Como encontrarme: on top of the marble stairs, in the bighall ofthe Brussels' central trainstation
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  • Gb Inglés | Sábado | 14:00