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I studied fine art ,love flamenco,dogs ,perfumes ,and expressive eyes

I studied fine art ,love flamenco,dogs ,perfumes ,and expressive eyes

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Aslema (Hello ) ,my name is Zeineb ,i am a tunisian girl,work as a VM ,i live in the Medina ,i am not a touristic guide ,i just loooove walking. When i was a kid and went out with my Dad ,i cried and begged him to take the bus ,Daddy said : walk a little bit we will take the bus number 11 ,so i kept walking until we went home :) .

When i grow up i discover that our feet is the best bus in the world ,a bus that takes me every where ,even in the tiny streets .

Now ,it's time to share this passion with friends ,i offer you a tour in the old Medina of Tunis ,and the Down Town .

Discover the Souks ,smell Tunisia ,see the architecture ,meet the tunisian people ,and taste the yummy tunisian cuisine .

I speak english ,french and un pochissimo italian :) ,Arabic is my mother tongue .and open to learn new languages .

please contact me before reservation

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Como encontrarme: in front of Beb Bhar (Port du France)

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hace 3 meses

I had a great time with zeineb - she made sense of the maze of souks in the medina, bringing me to places i’d never have found on my own. she was lovely company, and shared about her life with me - definitely a highlight of my trip!

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hace 4 meses

Zeineb was simply awesome! she was very helpful and friendly in showing us around the medina of tunis as well as several "secret" cafes and shops there. honestly, all these tips can only be shared by a local insider who knows the medina very well. she was also very happy to share about the life and culture of tunisians - which you cannot find in any book or website. it was really our fortune to meet her in tunis (:

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hace 4 meses

Zeineb was great; going out of her way to make our walk in tunis more than excellent.

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