A Trip To Bat Trang Village

Bat Trang is about 10 km to the Southeast of Hanoi centre. This is a famous traditional craft village in Vietnam with over 500 years old and focusing on making pottery. Over the time, Bat Trang still remains its traditional craft and become a more and more appealing site to tourists. Go with GoAsiaDayTrip and we’ll explore it together.


- Pottery products

- Ceramic factory


08:00 – Hotel pick-up

09:00 – Upon arriving at Bat Trang Village, we will go to the factory and see how pottery is made. The guides will help you understand more about enamel, process and techniques involved.

09:30 – Our next stop is Van Van Ancient House and Bat Trang Communal House, lying on the river bank. Communal House is a unique feature in Vietnam culture, representing for the spirit and the unity of the whole village.

10:30 – Now, it’s time for you to become an artist, making the pottery products by yourselves. Don’t worry if you have never tried this. Professional workers will teach you how to make it. I’m sure it’s a lot of fun.

11:30 – While waiting for the products to be burned, let’s go and see around the pottery market. You’ll be amazed by the pottery world here, with a lot of masterpieces. Perhaps, you’ll find something nice to bring home.

12:00 – Now, it’s time to come back to complete the products of your own. Just some more color will make it brilliant and ready to use.

12:30 – End tour, come back hotel!

Note: Itinerary is the same for afternoon tours.


- Making pottery by your own: 40,000 VND (2 USD)

- Factory and old giant furnace: 40, 000 VND (2 USD)


- Tourists should dress properly (cover your shoulder and your knees) for religious sites like temples or pagodas.

- The above itinerary is just our suggestions. It's your choice to plan your own one or ask us for more recommendations.

- The GUIDING SERVICES are totally FREE of charge but tourists are responsible for the following expenses during the tour: admission fees, meals and drink, as well as transportation fees both for you (tourist) and the guide.

- Travelling by taxi from the Old Quarter to Bat Trang Village may cost you about 10 USD - 15 USD.

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