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Ciao, sono Riccardo. Ho preso il tesserino da guida turistica e accompagnatore turistico in Italia nel 2018. Mi sono laureato in traduzione e interpretazione, dopodiché ho vinto due borse di studio europee in Spagna, poi ho studiato un Master per l'insegnamento a Madrid nel 2011/2012. Ho anche lavorato negli uffici di informazioni turistiche di Bari e Madrid. Insegno italiano e/o inglese in Spagna e spagnolo e/o inglese in Italia. Amo la cultura mediterranea e mi piace fare visite guidate in Italia e a Madrid per condividere la mia passione per la cultura e la storia.

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14 Apr 2024 Nasciaro
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Viaggiato in coppia - Apr 2024

Buen tour!

14 Apr 2024
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Viaggiato da solo - Apr 2024

13 Apr 2024 Rosario
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Viaggiato in gruppo - Apr 2024

Queremos agradecer a Riccardo ya que se mostró muy predispuesto a hacer el tour con nosotros a pesar de que éramos los únicos 4 participantes. Mantuvimos una charla amena y nos acompañó a recorrer esta hermosa ciudad, brindándonos datos interesantes.

09 Apr 2024 Bari
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Free Tour bewertet xD First a thank you to Ricardo for taking his time and make a free/donation based tour possible. But sadly I have to say it was one of the most horrible tour I ever had. I accompanied a friend and have done a tour before in Bari. - Facts of the tour where partly wrong - Questions wiped out and not answered - Took a picture while the bell was very loud at 12 on a Sunday. Did it very bored and just to skip the „quietness“ it felt. No one was ready for the pic. - He continued texting me after sending the pictures. With a kiss emojis. And asking how long I stay in Bari. I found that very intimidating. - never asked if we have questions. Maybe it was his first tour. We don’t know. Here some things to improve: + research facts once more + Be ready for questions + Be honest if you dont know the answer, this is not a professional tour and everyone will understand. Maybe google them while we walk and give answers later + Recommendations of Bari are always a plus + maybe a tour on Sunday morning when every goes and leave the church isn’t a good idea.

30 Mar 2024 Rosario
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Viaggiato in gruppo - Mar 2024

Muy buen tour!

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