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Can You Handle It Tours (CYHIT)

Riesci a maneggiarlo? L'obiettivo del tour (CYHIT) è fornire storia, intrattenimento e diffondere l'amore per le nostre città, tutto in una dose! Vorremmo condividere una passeggiata e alcune storie accattivanti con tutti coloro che sono in grado di gestire il nostro bizzarro stile e umorismo. Condividiamo risate e conoscenze dal 2010 in Belgio, Germania, Regno Unito e Paesi Bassi.

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Ratings (583)

08 Jun 2024
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Viaggiato in gruppo - May 2024

This was the 'rude bastards' tour, but should have been called the 'vulgar homosexual' tour. There were way too many f-bombs and cuss words being dropped. There were many too many comments about homosexuality being used. I would never recommend this tour to anyone. I can handle someone being jokingly rude and some cuss words, but when I have to listen about gay men's lifestyles and hear no less than 200 cuss words on a tour (F-bombs, G@# damn, etc.), it's way too much. Also, the tour ran over an hour late-so a 3.25 hour tour took 4.5 hours.

08 Jun 2024 Summerland
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Viaggiato in coppia - May 2024

Definitely a fun and informative tour. We didn’t mind the occasionally coarse language (it IS called rude bastards!) and our guide was excellent.

07 Jun 2024 Mumbai
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Viaggiato da solo - Jun 2024

Anna was an absolute Delight 🥰

07 Jun 2024 Zagabria
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Viaggiato in coppia - Jun 2024

03 Jun 2024 Lund
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Viaggiato in coppia - May 2024

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