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22 Apr 2024 Sint-Truiden
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17 Apr 2024 Hereford
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Jorge was a good locally based guide. As he had a a history degree it showed in his depth of local knowledge plus in relation to other countries in the same periods of history. We enjoyed our tour

01 Apr 2024 Edimburgo
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Jorge, the tour guide, didn’t show up and didn’t message any of the people waiting either. A small group waited 20 mins and looked all around the area for him but gave up after it became apparent he wasn’t going to show. According to other walking tour sites, this has happens regularly. He messages to say to meet at the statue (where all the walking tours meet) but then makes the excuse he was waiting at an address opposite it (he wasn’t). We looked all around. When messaged he claimed he had been waiting there for us keen to do the tour. Strange that no one booked on this tour could find him! And he didn’t try to contact any of the people waiting either. I really don’t understand how anyone thinks it okay to have visitors to a city waste their time like this. Completely selfish and unprofessional behaviour! If a tour guide doesn’t want to do a tour (for lack of numbers?) they really should at least let people know. Karma will catch up with Jorge someday.

Risposta di Jorge:
Hello there. I would like to respond to this review point by point: - 1 I attended the meeting point. It was at 115 Cesar Augusto Avenue. In the tour description, it clearly states that the meeting point is 115 Cesar Augusto Avenue and that I would be holding a sign with the face of a red lion. And indeed, I was at 115 Cesar Augusto Avenue with the sign depicting the face of the red lion. The statue where you were waiting was in front of that address. I didn't know what you looked like, but you could have known that I was the tour guide because I was holding the sign as I said I would. - 2 Secondly, I responded immediately to both your message and the message from the other two tourists asking where I was. - 3 I have no problem doing free tours for small groups. In fact, I have guided thousands of free tours for just one person through this platform. Some of those individuals I have guided on free tours with only one attendee have expressed their gratitude through reviews. However, it seems that you have only read the reviews that reinforce the idea you want potential clients to have about me. - 4 And yes, there have been occasions when I haven't attended a tour. Three times out of probably 600 tours I have guided in the last 2 years. I'm not perfect, and I acknowledge that. But in this instance, I did attend, which is why I felt it necessary to respond to your unjust criticism with arguments, something I didn't do when I actually failed and had no arguments. That being said, I hope you never have to experience such a terrible situation in the future. Best regards, Archie
30 Mar 2024 Wyoming
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Jorge knows everything about this city, he’s very humorous and speaks great English!

18 Mar 2024 Lüdinghausen
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