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John Kehagias circa un anno

Absolutely loved it!! Informative, interesting and fun!! Thank you for your time and enthusiasm!!

Risposta di Nguon:
Thanks you john. All the best to you. Lux
Iaia circa un anno

We went with two more friends and he wasn’t there. We wait for 15 minutes and nothing. When we arrived to the hostel we have an email that he send at 3:30 (that was the time of the tour) saying that he was with fever and he cant do the tour.

Risposta di Nguon:
You should put 0 stars in stead of 1. I told you I was not feeling well and I cant do the tour the evening before then I write again. So I did write it twice. Would you like me to tour you when I am sick? So rude of you.
Maisie circa un anno

He was amazing! Couldn’t of been more helpful and his English was amazing!

Risposta di Nguon:
Thanks you.
Alice circa un anno

Lux was incredible and very informative. Such a relaxed tour showing and teaching us everything we needed and wanted to know. Would recommend to anyone. A must in Siem Reap!

Risposta di Nguon:
Thanks you for review. All the best. Lux
Sallie Williams circa un anno

Very interesting tour. Lux did a good job of showing us around the city, some of it places like temples, other everyday places like the local market. The only reason I did not give him a 5 is that he was a little late and did not provide very good instructions on where we would meet. The meetup was so confusing that we nearly left before he showed up. Other than that, good experience.

Risposta di Nguon:
Thanks you for your feedback. Lux

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