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5 Tour di Juanita

Ratings (21)

Nieves Quesada 25/07/2021

Ha sido muy divertida y cercana con el grupo! Recomendamos hacer un tour con ella, sabe muchísimo y lo explica todo genial!!!

Tristan 16/07/2021

Didn’t show up. Didn’t communicate

Risposta di Juanita:
Yes Sorry, I was in Alhambra Palace, your booking was made in the last minute, I couldn’t read on time. My suggestion for the next time is to not book with few minutes in advance.
Juan Pando Letona 09/07/2021

Jotham Seager 05/07/2021

He is a very lively and enthuastic guide. He knew his history very well. We would recommend him and would go on one of his tours again.

Cristina pomati 27/06/2021

Brava e simpatica

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Ratings (21)